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Lennoks Lewis throws gloves

professional boxing

Radio station Bi - Bi - Si has informed that today the world champion on boxing in heavy weight 38 - summer Lennoks Lewis officially declares end of sports career. That it all - taki will leave, many, however, have guessed for a long time already.
last, 44 - j Lennoks Lewis has spent fight on June, 21st, 2003 in Los - Andzhelese. He fought with Vitaly Klichko. To Lennoksu Lewis, one year prior to this duel knocking out Mike Tyler, it was very heavy: after six rounds the Ukrainian conducted on points. And then, before the beginning of the seventh, the doctor has forbidden Vitaly Klichko who has received the strongest section of an eyebrow, to continue a duel. And Lennoks Lewis has kept a title of the strongest heavyweight, is formal only under version WBC, actually - the best in general. And the world since that moment waited for a match - a revenge. However, soon after los - andzhelesskogo fight there were strong suspicions that no revenge will exist, though the organisation of repeated fight in the present state of affairs looked absolutely logical. Lennoks Lewis has suddenly started talking that was tired of boxing and thinks of rest. And Vitaly Klichko has told about the visit to the British to London. The strange visit not so resembling usual business negotiations because the champion as it was found out, wanted to ask the applicant of council as it to arrive: to leave or remain in sports? The Ukrainian who in June was so is close to victory, naturally, wanted, that Lennoks Lewis fought, but the British, apparently, already at all did not want to leave on a ring.
then, in December, Vitaly Klichko knocked out in New York the Canadian Johnson`s Pick, once again having shown that is, probably, most worthy of Lennoksa Lewis`s potential contenders. A bit later management WBC has declared that Lewis to leave obliged till June, 2004 on a ring and to protect the title - otherwise it it will lose. Even a bit later the trainer of British Emanuel the Steward has suddenly informed that starts to prepare the ward for fight which should take place in April - May. And this fight Lennoks Lewis will finish the fantastic career which has contained in gold the Seoul Olympic Games of 1988, a long way to a title of the champion among professionals, insulting defeats (already as the champion) from Olivera Makkola and Hasima Rahmana which have forced the American press to write that the British - at all so the ingenious boxer, revenges, victories over Evanderom Holifildom and Mike Tyler, at last, a recognition great in America and comparisons with Mohammed Ali, are more valuable which if it is a question of heavy weight, anything cannot be.
but Lennoks Lewis has solved all - taki differently: that the moment has come to leave. To leave actually not won and to leave a gold belt the vacant. It is not excluded that it has accepted this decision, as understood: the second fight with Vitaly Klichko who becomes even closer now to a champion rank, can quite deprive of the British of reputation of successor Mohammed Ali.