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Act of terrorism in thirty volumes

business about explosion in Kaspijske

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dagestan has finished criminal case investigation about explosion during Victory parade in Kaspijske on May, 9th, 2002. Yesterday the public prosecutor of republic Imam Jaraliev has signed the decision about transfer of 30 volumes of business to the Supreme court of Dagestan.
on May, 9th, 2002 the antipersonnel mine of the directed action strengthened by trotyl draughts, has blown up in the street Lenin while on it there passed a celebratory column of demonstrators with a military orchestra 77 - j marines brigades. As a result of explosion 43 persons - military men and inhabitants of Kaspijska were lost. 138 persons have got wounds.
investigation of this act of terrorism was engaged united operatively - an investigatory brigade led by the chief of department of Office of Public Prosecutor of Dagestan in Sejfudinom Kaziahmedovym. The assistant to the general public prosecutor of Russia Vladimir Kolesnikov supervised its work, was thus declared that business is On personal control of the president of Russia .
the Customer and the organizer of act of terrorism have established at once. According to law enforcement bodies, the native of Buinaksk Rappani Halilov was it. This field commander is considered the curator of a so-called Dagestan direction of actions of the Chechen illegal armed formations. Besides act of terrorism in Kaspijske him in absentia accuse of the organisation of some other similar crimes, in particular in blasting of the military truck in Makhachkala in January, 2001. Then seven soldiers 102 - j brigades of internal troops (executors of this act of terrorism are condemned by the Supreme court of Dagestan to long imprisonment terms) were lost.
By the end of 2002 have been arrested three prospective executors of act of terrorism in Kaspijske - Murad Abdurazakov by a nickname Abkhazian Murad whom ostensibly and their accomplice Hanali Umahanov (Hanchik) has put in action an explosive, Adbulhakim Abdulkarimov ostensibly removing an event on a videocamera for the report before Halilovym, and. Five More possible participants of this crime led by Halilovym are put on the wanted list.
for all gang of terrorists to answer while it is necessary only to Abdurazakovu and Abdulkarimovu. Them podelnik Umahanov now is in a psychiatric clinic: its relatives and lawyers assert that during the investigation to it tortures were applied and it has lost mind.
it is necessary to notice that Abkhazian Murad will sit at any outcome of process. In December of last year the Supreme court of Dagestan has sentenced it to 11 years for preparation of attempt at the former chairman of the Pension fund of republic Sharaputdina Musaeva in September, 2002 (wrote about a sentence on December, 19th, 2003). Mister Musaev then was rescued only by that the customer has not paid to terrorists. As a result they and have not put in action an explosive put on either side of road on which should pass eks - the chairman of the Pension fund. And after a while the corpse of the prospective customer - Kamilja Kurbanov has been found. Unstated murderers have bound hand and foot of him and have shot.
JULIA - the BIG FISH, Makhachkala