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Direct speech

Than Vasily Shahnovsky was dangerous?
Alexander Osovtsov, the director of projects of public organisation Open Russia :
- Anything. And the situation would be ridiculous, if from - that it the shareholder of YUKOS, would send it in a colony. I do not understand this dodge apropos situation changes . Active repentance of what wanted charge, it has not turned out - Shahnovsky has not given indications against Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, did not become iudoj. But now there is a precedent of a verdict of guilty.

Alexander Pochinok, the minister of work of the Russian Federation:
- Without comments. Have released, and it is very good.

Vladimir Yudin, the former deputy of the State Duma initiating criminal case against YUKOS:
- All its danger consisted that it has been connected with YUKOS, and now has repaid debts to the government. It also is changed conditions, and it have released.

Boris Titov, a member of bureau of board RSPP, the co-chairman of public organisation Business Russia :
- Yes anything, it could kill nobody, obokrast. It was accused of such crime which does not demand imprisonment. And if the tax laws were more perfect also infringements would be less.

Igor Kogan, preboards Orgresbanka:
- the Power is consecutive: the person has paid taxes - and can go to sleep. Now - it is quiet.

Igor Ballo, the president of Association of a gaming:
- that has appeared not at that time and not in that place, that is that worked for Khodorkovsky, instead of in the mayoralty of Moscow as earlier. By the way, there I also have got acquainted with it. Then it was from different directions very positive person. Hardly work in YUKOS has strongly changed it. And in general, with such approach of everyone it is possible to condemn. But personally I to sleep is worse from it I will not begin. Over the country the person from FSB supervises, which knows how to put things in order and what openings to block, that did not plunder.

Anatoly Kulikov, the deputy of the State Duma, in 1995 - 1998 the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia:
- that has not paid taxes. Laws should be carried out. If Shahnovsky has paid taxes in the course of investigation of the business its business could to be lead up to court and the inspector could release Shahnovsky of - under guards.

Sergey Borisov, the president of public organisation of small and average business the Support of Russia :
- the Same, than and each businessman. Selectivity here is very doubtful. The law allowed to open an offshore and to draw up statements about individual labour activity. And now they should be brought into accord with today`s requirements that there was no double interpretation.

Tatyana Monegen, the director of Institute of a right protection of the property and business:
- What danger? Absurdity. It is political strike. The scheme of optimisation of taxes use all over the world and nobody recognises as illegal, moreover and backdating.

Leonid Nevzlin, one of shareholders NK YUKOS:
- It was dangerous no more, than any PBOJUL. In our country all who applied this scheme, have got now to absolute dependence on that, will want them to involve or not, and payment of taxes has no value. All who took out patent PBOJUL and received money, now under blow. And behind everyone can come.