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From oil industry workers will take away $3,6 mlrd

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As it became known, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade at last have agreed about how to execute the commission of president Vladimir Putin about withdrawal of superprofit at the oil companies. $2 mlrd at syrevikov will be withdrawn at the expense of sharp increase in the export duty at oil, $1 more - 1,6 mlrd - by recalculation of the base rate of the tax to mining operations. On it ekspropriatsija superprofits will not end: departments should agree about differentiation of the tax to extraction which can bring to treasury some more billions dollars. However, as in this question of the ministry of the consent have not found, the definitive sum of the account to neftjanke Vladimir Putin, seemingly, will define.
on oil branch the president has reminded of inevitability of increase in tax loading on December, 23rd last year at a meeting with businessmen in Trading - industrial chamber. He has declared that the superprofit of oil industry workers can be withdrawn such simple tools, as export duties and the tax to mining operations . The minimum size of possible withdrawal - $3 billion at the expense of the successful world prices for Russia on oil the government intends to define Concrete ways of increase in incomes of state treasury at session on February, 26th. Offers prepare three ministries: Ministry of economic development and trade, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry for the Power Generating Industry. Herman Gref`s subordinates suggest to increase loading on syrevikov by $3,5 mlrd, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry for the Power Generating Industry - on $6 billion
Attempts of three departments to agree to these were unsuccessful. Discussion was reduced to, whether differentiation NDPI (an establishment of different rates of the tax to extraction for different deposits) is necessary. The Ministry of Finance has concerned this idea cool: to collect the tax under the today`s uniform rate is much easier. Ministry of economic development and trade still prepares the model of differentiation. Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, having despaired to come to the consent with colleagues, in the beginning of this week has independently made the offers in the government.
however, having postponed for meditation time about differentiation, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade have agreed about increase in loading at branch in other ways. Departments have suggested the government to lift sharply rates of export duties on oil and to count the size of base rate NDPI. That is it is literally to execute the order of the president. Now rates of export duties on oil are established by the government according to the formula registered in the law About custom duties . At the average world price of oil Urals to $15 for barrel the rate is equal 0 %, at the price to $25 for barrel - 35 % from a difference between the developed price and 15$, at the price over $25 the rate makes $25,53 for ton plus of 40 % from the excess sum.
As it became known, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade have agreed about necessity of an establishment of a four-stage scale of duties instead of the present three-stage. The rate will be zero at the price of barrel of oil below $15, at the price between $15 and $20 the rate will make 35 %, between $20 and $25 - $12,78 plus of 50 %, over $25 - $31,03 plus of 70 % from the excess sum. By calculations of Ministry of economic development and trade, at the price in $27 for barrel (current cost of the Russian oil) the new scale in case of its approval by the government, and then and the Duma will bring to state treasury additional $2 billion
$1 More - 1,6 mlrd technical updating of a design procedure of the base rate on oil (it will be presented in two variants) will give. Now the base rate makes 347 rbl. for ton of the extracted oil. Pay the tax not on it, and under the rate monthly counted proceeding from base on special formula, considering the current world price for oil. Confirming this formula, legislators have accepted a rouble parity to dollar equal 31,5. However instead of falling of rouble expected by members of parliament he has grown, and the budget has lost: according to the first deputy minister of the finance Sergey Shatalov, only for 2003 tax loading on the Russian oil sector from - for rouble strengthenings has decreased on 12 - 13 %. Now two departments suggest to fix a dollar exchange rate equal of 30,3 rbl. the Price of barrel of oil at which NDPI it is not paid in the law, from $8 increases to $9 (to $10 in the second variant). According to the source in the Ministry of Finance, the new design procedure will lead to increase in base rate NDPI to 451,4 rbl. for ton in the first variant and to 560,6 rbl. - in the second.
the chief of department of tax planning of Open Society Alexander Alekseeva`s LUKOIL in conversation with named similar increase in loading excessive and unjustified : The made decrease in the rate of the VAT and cancellation of the tax from sales cannot compensate us so sharp increase " in any way;. By words Aleksandry Alekseevoj, would be more preferable to LUKOIL not increase of loading identical to all companies, and the differentiated approach at which quality of extracted oil and clarity of deposits would be considered.
it also is that differentiation NDPI which can become addition to co-ordinated by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade to plans. However, as have informed in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, a variant of increase in tax burden only at the expense of differentiation it is definitive yet will turn on (we will remind that this department suggests to gather additionally with its help in the budget of $6 mlrd, without changing export duties). A definitive choice of the size and a way of withdrawal superfluous petrodollars the president, most likely, will define.