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Lenin court of Voronezh has considered complaints of former Kursk governor Alexander Rutsky and his wife Irina which demand to stop their criminal prosecution begun in August of last year. Then mister Rutsky, intending to stand for the State Duma, have accused that, being the Kursk governor, it illegally took the credit in Latvian Parex Bank. Besides, the credit card of the same bank has caused in a consequence for the sum $70 thousand issued addressed to spouses of the governor suspicions.
in 2000 investigatory management on the Central federal district of investigatory committee (the SOU of TSFO SK) at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, based in Voronezh, has filed criminal charges concerning two assistants to the Kursk governor of that time Rutsky - Yury Kononchuka and Vladimir Bunchuka. The consequence has considered that in due time at purchase by area of 100 combines Don - 1500 Officials have overpaid 12 mlrd not denominated roubles. It had been brought accusation in the abusing the powers of office which have entailed heavy consequences. The governor Rutsky has interceded for them, declaring that it assistants not korruptsionery, and we will manage to prove it . But to prove innocence of subordinates to the governor it was not possible. In the summer of 2000 Yury Kononchuka though have amnestied as the invalid of the second group, but recognised as guilty. Vladimir Bunchuk in 2001 has received four years of imprisonment.
during the investigation of the given criminal case it was found out that the Kursk regional administration without the coordination with regional Duma has received in Latvian Parex Bank the credit at a rate of 35 mlrd not denominated roubles on purchase of mill complexes. Then addressed to Irina Rutsky in Parex Bank the credit card on $70 thousand Under the version of the investigation has been given out, Vladimir Bunchuk not only has issued purchase through the firm, but also has sold then complexes twice more expensively. In 2001, after end of business of assistants to the Kursk governor, the inspector of the SOU of TSFO SK the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Andrey Fenomenov has written out the decision about the termination of investigatory actions concerning Alexander Rutsky and his wife.
business of a family Rutsky have remembered in August of last year when Alexander Rutsky declared intention to stand for the State Duma. The State Office of Public Prosecutor has cancelled the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the termination of criminal cases of Irina and Alexander Rutsky, having specified that the consequence has not spent all necessary actions on check of, whether the wife of the mister Rutsky after credit allocation in Parex Bank received a credit card on $70 thousand Under the version of the investigation, a credit card the bank could thank spouses Rutsky for the good bargain. As the inspector of the SOU of TSFO SK yesterday has informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Nikolay Karevsky who runs now this business while charges are shown nobody. To give other comments it has refused, having referred to secrecy of the investigation.
In the end of the last year Alexander Rutsky has made the complaint in the Voronezh court with the requirement to recognise illegal renewal of the legal investigation closed still in 2001. Irina Rutsky has written to the same court the complaint to carrying out concerning it investigatory actions and has demanded to stop them, as the carrying out fact in its apartment of searches discredits its good name .
Yesterday at two different sessions of court Irina and Alexander Rutsky`s complaints have been considered. Thus Irina Rutsky asserted that never was in Latvia and did not receive a credit card in Parex Bank. However inspectors managed to convince court that check is necessary for finding-out of all facts and to close business early. In this connection complaint and Alexander, and Irinas Rutsky have been rejected. Spouses Rutsky have refused to give comments, having declared that while the point in business is not put, therefore to speak there is nothing .
will watch succession of events.