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The legal error has managed to the Guelder-rose in $10 million

the perfumery and cosmetics market

results of the tender on sale of 13 trade marks perfumery - cosmetic production which spent industrial complex " Yesterday became known; Crimson sails (Ukraine, Nikolay`s city). The concern " became the winner; the Guelder-rose the former proprietor Crimson sails which has redeemed at industrial complex the right of use of the trade marks in Ukraine. Experts consider that more than $10 million have been paid the Guelder-rose for the error.
concern the Guelder-rose - one of the largest associations Russian perfumery - the cosmetic enterprises. Its structure includes head office in Ekaterinburg and factory in Omsk, Open Societies Lola atir Upa (Uzbekistan), Kalina Overseas Holding B. V (Netherlands), and also branches a Pallada the East (Uzbekistan), Torzhok (Ukraine), a Pallada - Ukraine the New layer (Ekaterinburg). The basic shareholder Guelder-roses its head Timur Gorjaev (it posesses 66,04 % of actions) is. The European bank of reconstruction and development owns 19,23 %. Following the results of the first half of the year 2003, the company sales volume has made 2,5 mlrd rbl.
last year a concern management the Guelder-rose has begun re-structuring of the capacities and sale of not profile actives. Into their number has entered located on Ukraine of Open Society Nikolaev perfumery - cosmetic industrial complex ` Crimson sails ` which concern the Guelder-rose has got in 1999. 84 % of actions of industrial complex have been sold to the present chairman of the board Crimson sails and to the unknown investor. By the time of the transaction Crimson sails Owned rights of use in Ukraine more than 80 trade marks perfumery - cosmetic production. Including on industrial complex 13 trade marks " have been registered; Guelder-roses : Black pearls the Pure line the Small fairy Drakosha beauty Recipes the Silver line Mia 32 Norm the Marimba I Limpopo Klinar and Viotin bi a pole . the Ukrainian legislation demanded to register trade marks on the enterprise - the resident, - has explained a press - the secretary ` Guelder-roses ` Sergey Kazantsev. - however production under these marks never in Nikolaev was made .
on January, 19th a management Crimson sails declared carrying out of the tender for these brands. Thus, any company which has bought the right of use of trade marks, could earn on use of the untwisted brands. a guelder-rose thus would lose sale possibility in the perspective Ukrainian market.
by data ekspomediagruppy the Old fortress the Ukrainian cosmetic market takes the third place in the Eastern Europe after Russia and Poland. In 2003 its volume has made $1,1 billion
All trade marks have been exposed by one prize, the starting price has made $9 million; in total it has been submitted five demands. The concern " became the winner; the Guelder-rose which has signed at once the contract with Crimson sails about a cedation of the rights. it will allow us to continue delivery of production to Ukraine - mister Kazantsev has declared. The sum which was paid by concern for the right to reserve brands, is not disclosed. Under data, it is a question more than about $10 million
According to experts, the transaction with Crimson sails is a payment Guelder-roses for own errors. ` the Guelder-rose ` has committed the whole two errors, - the head of the legal company ` Uskov and partners ` Vadim Uskov considers. - in - the first, it was necessary to re-register trade marks on itself, and in - the second, what for it was necessary to sell them together with industrial actives? Actually ` the Guelder-rose ` has paid $10 million for own errors .