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The right of the first gudbaja

the Writer has suspected cinema-men of plagiarism
scandal the literature

Yesterday writer Olga Slavnikova has collected a press - conference. An occasion became strange as she said, similarity of its novel Immortal and a sensational German film Gudbaj, Lenin on the Berlin film festival of last year recognised as the best European film and appearing in different honourable nominations. Makes comments LIZA - NOVIKOVA.
Still recently fabulnoe similarity of two different products, Olga Slavnikovoj`s novel Immortal. The story about the present person (2000 - 2001) and a film of director Wolfgang Bekker and Bernd Lihtenberga`s script writer Gudbaj, Lenin (2003), directed only at reflexion about vagrant plots. At Olga Slavnikovoj - the paralysed veteran, daughter Marina creating for it illusion of eternally under construction communism. At Bernd Lihtenberga accordingly sick mum, the son, eternal GDR. Everyone who already read slavnikovsky the novel published in magazine " could reflect on this similarity; October and if did not watch a film knew about its summary. Personally to me, in 2001 putting forward Immortal on the award the National best seller such similarity not seemed dangerous. After all, for example, in different cultures there is such heroine, as the fantastic sleeping beauty: at whom the Tsarevna, at whom Belosnezhka. However it was found out that the German film has literally risen on road at the Russian novel.
that the novel has not been published at once after the journal publication, the writer openly accuses publishing house the Olympus and Open Company Astol with which at it the contract has been concluded. According to Olga Slavnikovoj, its text which received the small award of Apollo Grigoriev and has visited finalists of awards of a name of Belkin and the National best seller has not been published as commercially unpromising . In January of this year of the right to the edition Immortal to the writer have been returned. The exit " is detained also; Immortal in the French publishing house Gallimar : all the same Gudbaj, Lenin . The writer have asked to write for the French readers original an explanatory note . Olga Slavnikova has executed the task: from an unpleasant plot the expressive essay " has turned out; a communism Phantom and for the French admirers of German of cinema there was a superfluous occasion to familiarise with the Russian novel.
the writer is excited with a situation as a whole: the Russian literature an essence a free raw-material base for cinema, television . Nevertheless to bring an action against German cinematographers does not gather: too zatratnoe business. Instead the offended writer advises to colleagues to deposit the manuscripts in congress Library.