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Eggs will warm in a temple

For the first time a collection Faberge will show for Easter in a temple of the Christ of the Savior
antiques the transaction

Sensational purchase of a collection of Easter eggs of work Faberge the Russian businessman Victor Vekselberg (details - in yesterday`s number) has caused rough reaction of domestic cultural figures. To Russia the well-known eggs yet have not reached, but already assumptions concerning where will expose a collection with might and main become. A situation clears up ALJA - HARCHENKO.
to pass an opinion on the perfect transaction yesterday composer Tihon Hrennikov and film director Gleb Panfilov, the author of a film " have considered necessary; Romanovs. A crowned family ; both have expressed hope that to an example of mister Vekselberg many men of means will follow. About ardent desire to have in the halls nine Easter eggs of the well-known jeweller the director of the State Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky, as the competitor considering only has declared to the museum the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin. but at the Armory Museum already and so the greatest collection of Easter eggs, and in Petersburg is not present some any egg Faberge - with some insult mister Piotrovsky has told. In its opinion, other argument except worthy conditions with which the Hermitage can provide to Easter eggs, is also that circumstance, what exactly in the Winter palace of egg were given, functioned and lived .
the Kremlin, and without that possessing biggest collection of eggs Faberge, too has not stood aside from debate. Yesterday the director of museums of the Kremlin Elena Gagarin has made the statement that it would be correct, if all collection has reunited . Gagarin`s madam has underlined a role of museum workers that the collection has escaped during revolution: People who worked here, have practically put the life on that these values remained here . But the main thing that worries the madam to Gagarin, is not where eggs, and their safety as a result will get. the main thing that they, in - the first, have returned here and, in - the second that them have transported so that they have not deteriorated - she has underlined.
the culture ministry too tends to the Kremlin and is ready to recommend to Victor Vekselberg to transfer a collection of eggs Faberge in hands of madam Gagarinoj. The position of Minkulta was commented by the head of department of preservation of cultural values Anatoly Vilkov: We in every possible way welcome an event event because it coincides with our purposeful policy on returning of cultural values to Russia. I think, what not last role that this transaction became possible, the new Customs code accepted since January, 1st has played, which has allowed collectors to import to us into the country valuable works of art, as it has occurred not only to a collection of a family of Forbs, but also with Rubens`s cloth, which businessman Vladimir Logvinenko could import into the country (see from 23. 01. 04). Purchase of nine Easter eggs - the great act deserving all state support. And the culture Ministry is ready to help mister Vekselberg and with import questions, and with carrying out of any exhibitions. While he to us did not address yet, but, I think, it happens, and then we will create all conditions that the collection was accessible to people not only in Moscow and Petersburg, but also in Ekaterinburg, and in other cities. Personally I with pleasure would go on an exhibition in the Kremlin because association of nine got eggs by that there already is, could become the grandiose project. But a constant exposition - Victor Vekselberg`s private affair .
writer Svjatoslav Rybas, the general director of fund has told About Victor Vekselberg`s plans Link of times the official buyer of a collection Faberge. we plan to show for the first time these eggs by Easter so time for that the project has been started, remains not so much. Most likely, the first exhibition will take place in Moscow. We consider two variants: the Armory Museum and - even more probable - a temple of the Christ of the Savior; all - taki in this business is not only cultural - historical, but also a religious element. In idea with a temple I am am supported also by a patriarchy where we went yesterday with companions. The patriarch has blest us even earlier and has agreed, that returning of eggs Faberge home passed in close cooperation with church. Besides the patriarch knows for a long time Victor Feliksovicha personally: Vekselberg has much enclosed in restoration of the Solovetsky monastery and temple restoration in Demidov`s residence, helped with Bolshoi theatre restoration. In St.-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg we, certainly, too are going to show a collection, but meanwhile these eggs communicate at us with two words: ` Easter ` and ` the patriarch `. I after all in 1989 was the chairman of the commission on restoration of a temple of the Christ of the Savior, so for me such ending - too thin link of times .