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Animators left on level of 1985

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Yesterday at a cinema Rolan has passed a press - the conference devoted to the ninth open Russian festival of animation cinema which will pass in Suzdal from February, 12 till February, 16th. It is a unique professional forum on which all animation production of year, and not only films, but also rollers, clips, advertising is taken out. Having visited on a visit at animators, a theatrical observer MARINA - SHIMADINA was surprised to how at all of them it is started.
a press - conference have begun for health. The director of festival the general producer of a movie company the Master - a film Alexander Gerasims has reported that the festival grows and prospers and here has already ceased to find room in suburbs Tarusy where it lived first six years, and now has got over in one of Golden Ring pearls. That the quantity of the films presented at festival, has grown to 50 pieces and that among them at last - that there were qualitative children`s and youth cartoon serials. And the president of festival director Alexander Tatarsky has pleased journalists with news that the volume of domestic animation at last has returned to level of 1985.
but on it transfer of achievements of festival and domestic animation has ended. Answering innocent questions of journalists, Alexander Tatarsky has unburdened the heart concerning all urgent problems of Russian animation. It was found out that quality of new animated production considerably concedes to its quantity. What is the best samples our children all the same will not see, because the television is not capable to buy cartoon films at least under their cost price. Instead of $8 - 9 thousand (it appears, such is real cost of one minute of a usual animated cartoon) the Russian channels can offer a maximum of $500 for a minute. Besides, our modern cartoon films are not adapted for telestandards: all of them of the different length, different subjects, and in general it is not clear, they are calculated on what audience. Therefore and to lay them in an announcement grid it is the extremely difficult. Journalists also have learnt that all over the world after animation boom of last decades which we on the carelessness and slowness and had not time to use plainly, natural recession has begun, therefore orders from the West to Russian animators not to see any more. Also that young artists, as well as young spectators, leave in computer and applied animation more and more, and full amateurishness there reigns (last year the festival has tried suit the program so-called flesh - animations, but on selection committee such stream homebrew " has rushed; arts that this sluice have decided to cover for the time being).
After such cheerful Introductions to journalists have suggested to look at four pictures from the competitive program, the presented different types of animation films: computer, doll and risovannyj. The film of mister Olshvanga " has appeared the most interesting, at my nonprofessional sight; About cancers removed on motives of a national legend about the girl who has fallen in love a monster sea. Flickering, iridescent risovannaja a picture and live, volume noise and musical zvukorjad indeed immerse the spectator in atmosphere magic and a few terrifying story. It is a pity only that it will see only in Suzdal.