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Russians have felt causeless optimism

for the first time for ten years

Institute of marketing and social researches GfK Rus has given results of annual research of public opinion for 2003. According to poll results, for the first time for ten years number of the Russians considering that life in the country is adjusted, has exceeded number of sceptics. More than 70 % of the population wait from the begun year only good . Representatives of other sociological companies also mark growth of positive moods, underlining that the reason of optimism of Russians is covered at all in the increased standard of living and confidence of tomorrow. our fellow citizens have enough for happiness already of that life sharply has not worsened - such is the general opinion of scientists.
institute of marketing researches GfK Rus - the branch of research company GfK Group largest in Europe, is based in 1991. Annually spends more than 350 researches in 69 subjects of the Russian Federation. In particular, the tenth year GfK Rus interviews the population following the results of the expiring year. The method of personal interview interrogates 2200 Russians is more senior 16 years representing national representative sample on a sex, age, to region, a social status and formation.
sociologists from GfK Rus consider results of present research sensational. Despite growing unemployment and proceeding social stratification of a society, more and more Russians believe that the country goes a right way, and with optimism look ahead. So, changes to the best for the country as a whole from 2004 expect 65 % interrogated. And only 11 % consider that Russia trouble wait. Sociologists notice that positively adjusted there were all age and social groups, but the unemployed (74 %) and students (72 %) most confidently look ahead. Businessmen (57 %) have appeared the least optimistical this year. In expectations forthcoming year for themselves and the family positive estimations prevailed always (even after a default the majority of the interrogated looked ahead with confidence), however such hopes as for 2004, Russians still never assigned: 71 % of respondents wait for themselves and the family only for the good; 12 % - both good, and bad; 9 % - more bad. Young men 20 - 30 years (82 %) and students (83,2 %) are here most positively adjusted. Negative expectations are expressed by Russians of 65 years and is more senior.
the situation with an estimation of 2003 also looks not ordinary. For the first time for ten years of 31 % of respondents have stated a positive total estimation to the past year, negative - 21 %. Last year only 14 % of participants of poll estimated 2002 positively, the majority (48 %) considered its unsuccessful for the country. The appreciation was given to the last year by students (44 %), heads of the enterprises (36 %) and employees with higher education (35 %).
Results of research were commented by the scientific secretary of Institute socially - political researches of Russian Academy of Sciences Temur Nasriddinov. As he said, for mass consciousness unconditional value is first of all political stability. Bright to volume acknowledgement - a victory on elections of the party in power which has affected an estimation of political results of the past year. According to mister Nasriddinova, research results were strongly affected also by participation in poll of people of new generation. In - the first, they are more optimistical at least because are young. In - the second, for their memories were not serious economic crises, and five years, the past from a default of 1998, are represented in mass consciousness as time of gradual recover of the country, forward economic growth.
the director of Institute of complex social researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences Michael Gorshkov does not see in results of poll anything unexpected, as they Will be co-ordinated with those tendencies which are revealed by domestic sociologists . At the same time, mister Gorshkov has underlined, it is important to consider, what exactly the society means by positive shifts. So, 50 % of the population consider as the main positive achievement of last years stability in economic, political, public life. the population has enough of that the standard of living sharply has not fallen for optimism, the situation on work has not changed, on - former there is a possibility to have a rest during holiday - Michael Gorshkov has declared.
employees of analytical service VTSIOM - And which also mark growth of positive moods of respondents, have tried to find out, to that Russians particularly rejoice. It has appeared that the population for last year has noted improvement on following positions: a choice of products and clothes, activity of mass-media, freedom of statements. On all other parametres - possibility is good for earning, work of hospitals and polyclinics, degree of participation of the population in state affairs, international relations, a personal security - the society marks deterioration.
thus, - Michael Gorshkov speaks, - that half of society which has enough stability, plus that quarter, which life has changed for the better, is and there is a social base supporting a course, chosen by president Putin .