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Travel agencies have untied Spanish - Turkish war

the tourist market

Two largest players of the Russian tourist`s market - the companies Natali turs and Tez round - yesterday have declared competitive war each other. Natali turs will start to send tourists to Turkey this summer. In the answer the leader of this direction Tez round plans scale expansion on the Spanish direction. Participants of the market are assured that it will lead to notable reduction of prices and even a dumping on both directions.
last year in the made rating of the largest travel agencies of Russia Natali turs occupied the third - the fourth places. In 2002 Natali turs has sent 120 thousand tourists, the company sales volume has made $64 million
Tez round is on the second place; in 2002 its turn has made $67 million, and quantity of the served tourists - about 164,5 thousand
Turkey and Spain - the most mass tourist directions in the Russian market of exit tourism. According to the Turkish ministry of tourism, last year the quantity of the Russian tourists who have visited the country has exceeded 1 million persons. Spain, according to preliminary data the Spanish tourist authorities, have visited about 200 thousand persons.
Natali turs plans to enter the Spanish market carefully. The general director of the company Natalia Vorobeva says that in a summer season - 2004 travel agency will start to work not with popular antalijskim coast, and with much less untwisted resort Marmaris. For a summer Natali turs expects to send there 5 thousand persons. Marmaris not a standard Turkish direction, is a piece of Europe in Turkey, than and is close to our company till now working with the European resorts - Natalia Vorobeva speaks. As she said, its company intends to enter on this market without a dumping not to break developed alignment of forces.
the management statement Natali turs has forced to publish the plans of other large player of the Russian tourist`s market also entering into the four of the largest travel agencies, - the company Tez round . it is obvious that it becomes in peak to our program across Canary Islands (in the autumn of last year ` round ` has started to send to Tez tourists on island Tenerife which was considered before as an ancestral lands ` Natali turs `. - ), - the general representative of the company ` has declared Tez round ` in Russia Alexander Sinigibsky. - They simply provoke us. If opponents do ours works, we will start to work in their territory - to fly to Barcelona . According to the mister Sinigibsky, the exit of its company on the Spanish direction will be much more scale, than Natali turs - on Turkish. Tez round Intend to begin with sending of 1 thousand persons in a week to Barcelona (about 20 thousand for a season).
Experts ambiguously estimate chances of tour operators of success. taking into account operating time ` Natali ` in other directions is practicable plans, - the general director ` considers the Capital - round ` Inna Beltjukova. - Plans ` Teza ` are more extensive, I think that their volumes across Spain will be not less than Turkish volumes ` Natali ` .
to Tourists opposition Natali turs and Tez round will suit only. if they really execute that promise, permits to Spain and Turkey will be on sale at very low prices, - the media director of holding ` predicts the Tourist`s alliance ` Bogdan Kurilko. - First of all it will concern Spain as ` Tez ` intends to send to Barcelona much more tourists, than ` Natali ` to Turkey .