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The judge will be responsible for capture of wholesale base

the conflict of proprietors

For the armed capture of wholesale base Oboronsnabsbyt (Sverdlovsk region) Judge Alexander Demenko will be punished. On it yesterday has informed on a press - conferences the chairman of Sverdlovsk regional court Ivan Ovcharuk. Mister Demenko has taken out an illegal decision in favour of one of the conflict parties, for what can be deprived the status of the judge.
we will remind, capture of the largest it is wholesale - a market complex of Sverdlovsk area Oboronsnabsbyt has occurred in December of last year (see from December, 16th and 17, 2003). About 200 armed the person have rushed on territory of base and kept it within several hours. Thus they have shown the court order of Tagilstroevsky district court of Nizhni Tagil from April, 23rd, 2003 which forbade a new management of base to interfere with the former general director of Open Company the Market complex ` Oboronsnabsbyt ` to Sergey Istomin to fulfil duties of the director.
incident then has ended not in favour of aggressors. After short negotiations with representatives of power structures they have voluntary left occupied territory. On an exit the part from them has been detained, and upon capture criminal case under item 213 and 330 (" is brought; Hooliganism and Arbitrariness ) . Now investigation on this business proceeds, inspectors try to find organizers of capture at which some tens persons have suffered. Among the basic suspects and authoritative Ural businessman Pavel Fedulev who till 2000 posessed a controlling interest Oboronsnabsbyta .
Meanwhile the name of one more victim of December capture yesterday became known. He/she is the judge of Tagilstroevsky regional court Alexander Demenko, on which decision about reinstatement of the general director Oboronsnabsbyta Sergey Istomin aggressors referred. Yesterday the chairman of Sverdlovsk regional court Ivan Ovcharuk on a press - conferences has declared that the regional court presidium has cancelled the decision of judge Demenko. the Decision obviously wrong and illegal, - was declared by the chairman. - it was accepted in infringement of rules of jurisdiction, therefore we have cancelled it. And concerning the judge the attention to the question on the termination of its powers for rough infringement of the law is brought. In particular, Arbitrazhno - remedial and Grazhdansko - remedial codes which establish a principle of accurate jurisdiction of affairs .
As have explained in a press - regional court service, Alexander Demenko had no right to consider case in the base relation Oboronsnabsbyt as it is in the territory subordinated to October district court of Ekaterinburg. on February, 24th the situation with excess of powers by Alexander Demenko will be considered on qualifying board of judges of Sverdlovsk area - has informed a press - the secretary of regional court Galina Subbotin. As she said, the board decision can give up as a bad job career nizhnetagilskogo judges. it is very serious offence. Demenko can deprive of powers of the judge, and consequently, and the lifelong monetary maintenance - has underlined a press - the secretary. Mister Demenko while abstains from comments.
IGOR - KULESHOV, Ekaterinburg