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The multinational corporation - VR does not release the oil pipeline

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Ukraine Odessa - Fords tries to compensate to the Russian oil industry workers and not realised project of a backspacing of the oil pipeline. Yesterday the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Sergey Yermilov at a meeting with the Russian colleague Igor Jusufovym has suggested to use capacities of the Euroasian petrotransport corridor (EANT). However yesterday the Ukrainian union of industrialists and businessmen (USPP) has offered president Leonid Kuchma and prime minister Victor Yanukovych once again to consider the multinational corporation initiative - VR about a three-year backspacing of the oil pipeline Odessa - Fords.
we will remind, on Wednesday the Ukrainian government has rejected the multinational corporation offer - VR on a backspacing of the oil pipeline Odessa - Fords (in detail wrote about it yesterday). For its filling Ukrtransnafta should receive oil from the American company ChevronTexaco. Ukraine thus suggests Russia to use transport capacities EANT. At a meeting with Igor Jusufovym Sergey Yermilov has told that it will allow to increase oil transit on 20 - 25 million t annually during three - four years.
yesterday at session USPP vitse - the prime minister of Ukraine Andrey Klyuyev has declared that ChevronTexaco Odessa - Fords not earlier than September can give the Caspian oil for filling of the oil pipeline. In the American company it do not confirm. The manager on public relations ChevronTexaco Eurasia Stephen Kolvill has declared that oil for Odessa - Fords can be given only in some years. Moreover, as he said, the company officially did not offer the raw materials for pipe filling.
company Energy Solutions (ES) which under the contract with the government of Ukraine has prepared the FEASIBILITY REPORT of operation of the oil pipeline, has offered nine variants of its use. Last recommendation from ES which is at the disposal, occupies two pages. In the document it is told: The decision concerning that to transport or not to transport oil in a direction the south - the north or the north - the south, undoubtedly, is the difficult decision. Purely economic arguments for acceptance of such decision are well balanced, but besides them also it is necessary to consider and others, neekonomicheskie . What is neekonomicheskie in the document it is not told.
at the same time the Ukrainian oil industry workers have called in question and business factors . At session USPP the general director Ukrtransnafty Stanislav Vasilenko has declared that Ukraine will not find in Europe buyers on the Caspian oil if the pipe to Plock (Poland) is not constructed. As he said, 1 t the Kazakhstan oil Tengiz, having reached Fords, will cost more than $205, and Russian Urals, having passed northern site Friendship - $180 there are less. Management USPP agrees that in an ideal oil should go to Plock. But only after the oil pipeline will be completed and contracts with suppliers and buyers of oil are concluded.
meanwhile the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, being with a working trip in Cherkassy, has declared that the decision on use of the oil pipeline Odessa - Fords is definitive.