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How to divide medical fear money


Today the government will discuss reform of obligatory medical insurance which should begin since 2005. The first deputy minister ekonomrazvitija Michael Dmitrys once again will present the corresponding bill a little different from the previous variants, time and again coming back Michael Kasyanov on completion. In Ministry of economic development and trade believe that on the eve of presidential election chances to press through the variant of reform are high more than ever.
reform of system of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) last year has been named by the president one of priorities. And the bill of the obligatory medical insurance, prepared by Ministry of economic development and trade, was brought for discussion the governments past year time and again. And so often acted in film from discussion and went on completion.
According to one of authors of the bill - the first deputy minister of economic development and Michael Dmitriev`s trade, the main problem of obligatory medical insurance that regions do not allocate the put means in Federal fund of obligatory medical insurance (FFOMS) for idle citizens. Therefore in 2002 deficiency of system OMS has exceeded 40 mlrd rbl. and continued to grow. The purpose of reformers - to make system of obligatory medical insurance sufficient.
yesterday Michael Dmitrys has optimistically declared that the bill which it will present at the session of the government first in 2004, at last is co-ordinated with all ministries and departments. However, as he said, remained questions of strategic character which will be considered today. The first deputy minister ekonomrazvitija will offer as a concession to the main opponent - to the Ministry of Finance to introduce in the bill of position of powers of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health in new system OMS. The Ministry of Finance should be responsible for financing of system from the federal budget, and Ministry of Health - to supervise medical institutions and to develop mediko - economic standards. The question and on supervision and control over the insurance medical organisations will be considered.
however centralisation of the uniform social tax (unified social tax) (a source of financing of funds OMS) in federal fund OMS for the purpose of the further redistribution of means between regions becomes the main theme of discussion. And, as Michael Dmitrys considers, to the aid from FFOMS can count only the regions which have joined the agreement on realisation of the federal program and completely carrying out obligations on financing of the idle population. However, in the Ministry of Finance such scheme do not consider effective as the bill does not provide a transparency of financing of territorial funds OMS (TFOMS). Regional representatives are afraid that at TFOMS remains even less money for medical aid payment to idle citizens. these positions are really registered in the bill extremely laconically, and in it contain otsyly on the governmental orders which while are not present - mister Dmitrys agrees, but hopes that today at government session these norms of the bill can be concretised by results of discussion .
It turns out that hardly it is possible to name the bill represented today to the government finished. It recognises also Michael Dmitrys. But he counts that time works on it: if the government once again sends today the project on completion will lose at least some months. As a result the State Duma will not have time to approve the bill in spring session, and reform of the obligatory medical fear which start is appointed to 2005, will be removed for a year. Therefore not so much discussion of the bill, how many belief gathered became a strategic target of the first deputy minister ekonomrazvitija today there is no place what to recede. Calculation can appear true: before presidential election nobody will dare to break terms of reform of medical insurance.