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NAUFOR sprouts in regions

the self-adjustable organisations

Today in Ekaterinburg under the aegis of National association of participants of stock market (NAUFOR) the first regional share self-adjustable organisation (SRO) will be formed. On it NAUFOR wants obkatat norm of the yet not accepted law About SRO and to intercept at the Federal commission on a securities market (Federal Commission on Securities) the initiative on creation of regional associations.
today in Ekaterinburg it is planned to spend the constituent assembly of Noncommercial partnership of professional participants of stock market of the Ural region in which representatives of 18 companies will take part. As chairman of the board NAUFOR Alexey Savatjugin has told, its association was one of initiators of creation new SRO and renders it comprehensive support. So, for example, of members of the new organisation 13 consist and in NAUFOR. There are there members and others current SRO: On one company from PARTAD and National share association (NFA).
This initiative, under the statement of mister Savatjugina, is not connected with bad work of branches NAUFOR. Simply in each region there are problems and features, the investment projects, municipal papers and so forth. Adjusted for this specificity the new association will work. Besides, the regional authorities love local structures " more; - mister Savatjugin has explained. As he said, in the future it is planned to create such SRO in all large regions. He has noticed that the regional self-adjustable organisations are registered in the bill About SRO : We will receive experience of their work and interaction with them federal SRO .
we also have an information that to creation regional SRO have attended in Federal Commission on Securities, - mister Savatjugin has declared. - But considerable quantity SRO is necessary for them to reduce their influence, we translate these desires in a constructive channel . The new association within several days will submit documents to Federal Commission on Securities on permission reception to work as SRO. However, documents will be identical to on what Federal Commission on Securities already refused most NAUFOR delivery of the similar permission twice.
in Federal Commission on Securities have laconically commented on the initiative of creation new SRO. If they submit documents to the commission and they will meet existing requirements we will give out the permission to activity as SRO - has declared a press - the secretary of Federal Commission on Securities of Evgenie Piskareva.
Participants of the market have concerned undertaking NAUFOR on - to a miscellaneous. The member of advisory council of Federal Commission on Securities, former head Sibirsko - the Ural registration centre Igor Mihajlov remembers that else in the middle of 90 - h regional professional participants created the public associations. Then requirements were more rigid, and we could not receive status SRO, - he speaks. - initiative NAUFOR I welcome, as it will help to solve local problems: such associations are pleasant to local authorities, and branches of the Moscow organisations in regions always were considered as something alien .
At the same time, according to the general director of Novosibirsk investment company Lend Anatoly Dubejko, the regional companies always is cool concerned work in NAUFOR, therefore plus that new SRO regional, and the minus is a withdrawal from NAUFOR as its functions will be lowered that will not allow to solve major problems . Head NFA Konstantin Volkov has declared that welcomes any undertakings of professional participants, if they frankly are not directed against someone however considers new SRO impractical.
working professional associations have appeared for a long time, now an exit on the market of roads, - he has noted. - Badly that de - fakto friction between the Moscow and regional companies are fixed. Not clearly, as it will be co-ordinated with policy NAUFOR on working out of uniform standards. Thus not clearly, whether forces at small SRO not only for political actions, but also for realisation of the control functions " will suffice;.