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The Duma samoochishchaetsja

to Non-governmental bills shines nothing

Yesterday the Duma economic committees - under the budget, under the property and on economic policy - raked blockages . Till March as has solved Duma council, deputies should reject almost 800 unnecessary bills.
each deputy possesses the right of the legislative initiative, therefore legislative blockages accumulate in each Duma. Lobbist initiatives obviously not through passage which, for example, are not pleasant to the government, the progovernmental Duma committees push . to Push projects the Duma council can also, transferring indefinitely their consideration. However not to consider at all the brought projects the Duma cannot.
on Tuesday the Duma council has decided to be cleared from accumulated not for one Duma of garbage. First of all from belonging to the deputies who have done not passed in the new Duma. Boris Gryzlov has informed, it is necessary what to get rid almost of 800 bills. Clearly, in the new Duma with the total progovernmental majority bills which are not pleasant to the government, have no chances of passage. So till March the Duma will be engaged exclusively razgrebaniem blockages.
yesterday the budgetary committee has considered some the projects of amendments doomed to sacrifice in the Tax code. The first project offered the preferential taxation of manufacturers of natural wine and the cognac, directing means for winemaking development. Rates of excises it was offered upolovinit. The government, naturally, has opposed, having specified that the norm establishing a special-purpose character of a tax privilege, will complicate tax administration as control of a target direction of the sums which have remained at the disposal of tax bearers of excises is almost unreal. The committee has supported the government, having recommended to the Duma to reject the project.
the Same fate has comprehended also three projects of amendments in the Tax code about cancellation of payment of the VAT from operations on realisation of medical products and products of medical appointment. We will remind, now operations on realisation of medical products and products of medical appointment are assessed with the VAT under the preferential rate in 10 %.
the Committee on the property, in turn, recommended to the Duma to reject yesterday the bill About modification and additions in the federal law ` About features of a legal status of joint-stock companies of workers (the national enterprises) ` . This project simplified the mechanism of transformation of joint-stock company in the national enterprise. The government has specified that amendments are fraught with infringement of the rights of minority shareholders, and also the shareholders owning a share holding of less control.
the committee on economic policy was allocated yesterday with that nevertheless one project recommended to the Duma to accept. The governmental amendments to the law " have appeared it; About protection of the rights of consumers . Amendments are rather curious, as with a view of protection narrow the rights of consumers. The bill limits the right of consumers to contract cancellation at revealing in technically difficult or expensive goods of lacks. According to the law in force, the consumer has the right to terminate the purchase and sale contract at revealing of any lack of such goods, and according to the bill - only at revealing of an essential lack. On the other hand, the project establishes responsibility of the organisations and individual businessmen - importers for inadequate quality of the import goods which list affirms the government if in territory of Russia there is no the organisation which is authorised on acceptance and satisfaction of requirements of consumers concerning quality of the goods of foreign manufacture or carrying out corresponding functions on the basis of the contract with the foreign manufacturer. The project guarantees protection of the rights of the consumers getting the goods through the Internet. The right to establish additional obligations concerning the lacks of the goods which have been found out after a warranty period, established by the manufacturer is given to sellers and manufacturers.