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This changeable a Crysler
last year the known automobile manufacturer company DaimlerChrysler AG has paid $14 million to popular singer Celine Dion for her name use in company commercials. And more recently the concern management suddenly declared change of the concept and reduction of participation Dion in concern campaign. we have simply decided to replace the concept, - the press - the attache ` a Crysler ` David Barnas justifies. - And it is not connected at all by that Dion has not justified hopes. Simply it not absolutely that type of a celebrity which would be ideally suited for our mark. But it not its fault, and to it at us claims are not present. Probably, we have simply made the wrong choice . Nevertheless the singer all - taki will act in film in new rollers of the company, in particular in what advertise cars for all family . The company management has assured that except already paid sum the singer can count that the concern remains the sponsor of its daily show which is passing in las - vegasskom Caesar ` s Palace.

Johnny Depp has got into the role and has not returned
Johnny Depp, it in the recent past the most charming pirate of Caribbean sea, has so got used to a role that has decided and to drop in real life in those edges an anchor. Having chartered the yacht, Depp has gone to travel across Caribbean Islands in search of the mysterious islet approaching for purchase. That quickly was, and all for $3 million So on participation in continuation of a picture Depp has agreed, without leaving an image.

many a little
the Unnecessary relic
In $5 million is estimated a diadem presented by grand duke Michael Romanov, Nikolay I grandson, the spouse Sofia Nikolaevne Merenberg, Pushkin`s grand daughter. The unique thing with rich history is brought to Russia from England. Authenticity of the diadem made by the well-known firm K.E.Bolin from gold, silver both the decorated 70 rubies and 822 brilliants, does not cause doubts. This jeweller house established jewels for Russian imperial family within more than two centuries, and after revolution of 1917 - for the Swedish royal family. The diadem has left Russia more 100 years ago. In 1891 Pushkin Sofija Merenberg`s grand daughter contacted marriage in the Dignity - Remo with grand duke Michael Mihajlovichem. The diadem in lump 159,48 g from an alloy of gold 583 - j tests has been presented as a wedding gift of the groom to the bride. But marriage has not been recognised by emperor Alexander III, and a newly-married couple has been compelled to move to live to England. Queen Victoria has welcomed to a princely couple a count title de Torby. So the diadem has appeared in foggy Albion.
the Present proprietress has decided to leave a family relic and, pamjatuja about its Russian origin, has addressed with the offer on sale to the acquaintance, known Russian businessman Artemu Tarasovu who has brought a guarantee payment for a diadem on the security of the real estate in London. According to Tarasova, created for search of the patron of art for purchase of a diadem the welfare fund ` Rescue national cultural - historical values ` has directed two thousand letters to known oligarchs and bankers to Russia so that they have helped to collect the necessary sum for the diadem repayment. Have refused practically all . Value to it give not only brilliants and rubies, but also an accessory to two most famous surnames - Romanov and Pushkin. It is till now a family jewelry of a dynasty. If till March, 30th there will be no the patron of art, ready to redeem it for Russia, the diadem will return to its present proprietress.

the Programmer and photographer Kenneth Edelman too pay has declared that the well-known singer and actress Barbara Streisand has refused to pay to it $220 thousand we Will remind that he has won this sum as a result of a judgement under the claim submitted Streisand. She accused Edelmana of the illegal publication on the Internet - a site of a photo of its private residence in Malibu, in California. In December, 2003 the court has considered the claim Streisand against Edelmana, its provider and the agency which have paid services the Internet - paparazzi. She demanded indemnification in the $10 million sum for intervention in private life . Then the court has rejected the claim of the known singer, recognising that photographing of Malibu from the helicopter in the scientific purposes is not law infringement. Edelman has put forward the counterclaim, having demanded to compensate it expenses for the lawyer and a legal cost. The claim has been satisfied by court. Representatives Barbara Streisand yet do not make comments on this information.

Abramovich vsemero richer than the queen
the Owner of football club Chelsea Russian Roman Abramovich is recognised by the richest person of Great Britain. In an annual rating of the richest people of country Sunday Rich Report - Roman Abramovich`s 2004 condition is estimated in _7,2 billion It seven times more conditions of the English queen. The football fan from Russia managed to bypass also owner Tetrapak Hans Rauzinga (6,6 mlrd) and the column Westminster (4,63 mlrd) which owns a real estate large quantity in London. Successor Heineken of Sharlen de Karvallo and a family of Sejnsberi close ten rich men. The general condition of 300 richest people of Britain has increased by 28 % in comparison with last year.

the Actress changes a trade
the Performer of a role of Keri Bredshou in a popular serial Sex in a big city Sara Dzhessika Parker it was inspired by an example of the heroine and has decided to take up the pen. 38 - the summer actress has told to journalists about what there will be its first novel: It is amusing enough. I write about the actress who is popular, but lies about everything, as to its biography, since birthday and finishing quantity of divorces. And in the end it comes up all outside! However any publisher yet has not shared opinion of Sary Dzhessiki that it is amusing...
a heading conducts Olga BELIKOV

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