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the Conceptual reality
the Average visitor of the European automobile exhibition is ready to lay out for the new car nearby 35 thousand thus it excite first of all a price and quality parity, design and presence of modern systems of safety - such data is extended by organizers of the Geneva motor show. Actually the exposition answers the resulted list only at first sight. To freakish turns of world autodesign thought the correspondent " was surprised in Geneva; Money Andrey Leontev.

As the fairy tale became bylju
If to bypass the Geneva salon the second time or to spend at stands of more time, than the teenagers collecting posters and prospectuses, it becomes obvious that analysts of the automobile companies work where more seriously, than exhibition sociologists. After all the average buyer mentioned above is not going to be content at all with the average car, to it is already close in borders certain there is no time classes and segments. He wants the car irrespective of classification of experts in marketing and receives it. However, while basically in a kind kontsept - karov. However never before kontsepty were not so are close to finished goods parking.
as an example the world premiere of Geneva - Mercedes-Benz CLS serves. If you are capable to realise that such a circle quadrature, then with the term a four-door compartment at you too problems will not arise. Sounds absurdly, and looks stylishly enough. Still half a year back in Frankfurt CLS stood at the stand with additional word Vision in the name (so Mercedes designates kontsepty). Now any Vision already is not present, no less than a transparent roof. And here the idea of a four-door compartment has remained, and the fairy tale became bylju. Logical questions to whom it is necessary, how many it is spent for working out and as soon the project should pay off, remained without concrete answers. It is known only that the car constructed on platform E - a class, should be more pathos than this ruler, but not so to eclipse flagman S - a class.
It is meant that happy owner CLS will go at the wheel. However if under a sloping roof behind to sit still comfortably the salon in front at my growth of 181 sm has seemed a little inconvenient. Here it, that nishevyj as it is fashionable to speak now, a product which does not keep within habitual frameworks, but someone is desirable - like as indposhiv, but conveyor manufacture. Orders for it already accept, sales will begin in the autumn. While will be two versions with engines in 3,2 l and 5 l. Cost is unknown but if to take the firm price-list and to deduce an average arithmetic between the prices on E - and S - a class the true will be where - that nearby.

That wanted by the woman
And here Swedes have arrived where radikalnee Germans. They began to search for the nishevogo the client to a sexual sign. Have found - and have shown the first-ever car (more truly, while unmarketable, but quite working at level of functions a breadboard model), created by women completely.
it is logical basically. Almost 120 years of the lady go by a car, which men do for themselves though the distant trip first in the history on the car has made Berta Benz, the spouse of the founder all known firm. In the same Germany or France half of drivers - women, and in Great Britain, for example, them already is more than 50 %. Has as a result appeared (or nevertheless has appeared?) Volvo YCC. This big enough compartment with rising doors and simultaneously falling thresholds (not to soil a hem of a coat or a long skirt).
As Lena has explained me the leading technologist of the project Ekelund, presentation YCC not a celebration of feminists. On the contrary, the car stylistics can be carried to a direction unisex. To argue with it it is difficult, after all and the same thresholds, and zalivochnuju a mouth of a tank of the washer, built in a wing, will highly appreciate all who watches the hygiene: men too like to go today with clean hands. Besides, founders YCC give the chance to men to choose to match a tie a salon upholstery. But, certainly, offering eight variants bystrozamenjaemoj upholsteries - from a strict skin to thoughtless velour in a floret, ladies thought first of all of themselves.
there is more than place for bags, it is less - for people. So the Swedish women have solved, having interrogated hundreds potential customers. As a result back armchairs in kontsepte are made and at all folding, and behind them the whole base for shopping - trophies. Thus to drag them it is possible in both hands because Volvo YCC is able to open doors at approach of the mistress (or nevertheless the owner?) .
And still the ladies interrogated by designers have been convinced that all modern cars sin with the bad review that especially disturbs on parkings, and their instrument panels give out a heap of the superfluous information. All these remarks have been considered. In salon YCC you feel naked in a show-window, and under a panel peak only a speedometer, a thermometer yes the index of the rest of kilometric area before refuelling. The curious can compulsorily deduce other information on the special display.
it is far not the complete list nou - hau, however Lena Ekelund realises, what not all innovations will find application by serial cars. We will notice that the questions concerning the engine and transmissions, have avoided ladies.
however, the men creating cars of the future as it is found out, too can think up the car, clear to women. The lovely Lithuanian girl Iolanda, decorating itself futuristic compartment Volta at the stand of one of masters of automobile design of maestro Dzhudzharo, even has found Russian words to comment to us on the actions. Blond creation with a small head very dexterously moved a wheel and pedal knot along a three-local sofa, explaining what operate a car each of the sitting can. Besides, as a result of displacement of massive armrests the three-local sofa turns to the double.
instead of lateral mirrors in the car television cameras, instead of a spatial bearing frame habitual for such models - kevlarovyj the monocook, as on " are established; formular race cars, instead of the usual petrol engine - hybrid installation (the six-cylinder motor in 3,3 l is added by electric motors ahead and behind). Similarity of a full drive and capacity of 408 l have as a result turned out. With.
When in the evening we have faced Dzhudzharo - younger in one of fashionable Geneva small restaurants and I have not failed to be scattered in compliments, he has modestly noticed: You should to look at it, you on it should sweep . Really kontsept so running, what it is possible to do such far-reaching invitations?

a retro of style hi - tech
It is assured, everything is all right with road performance and at Subaru R1e. It seems that Japanese have decided to revive buried was idea of an electromobile in the pure state. I will remind: apologists of cars with a zero exhaust, trying to untangle serious enough ball of the problems connected with creation of capacious and easy accumulators, have got confused in consequences (while theoretical) uses of the creations. To charge batteries, it is necessary to burn more fuel so, the exhaust will be not such and zero. Besides, batteries should be utilised, and more ecologically harmful process to think up difficult. However, according to experts of Subaru, the problem can be solved, let and partially, using new generation magnievo - litievyh ionic batteries. Such accumulator only 9 kg weighs, and to go by it it is possible on sufficient distances - truth, in line of a megacity. Actually, it is one more nishevyj the product calculated on advanced jappi. The multimedia complex in it is combined with design and - lja the first Subaru 360 of the sample of 1958.
in general, today among auto makers it is fashionable to keep roots. Tries to do it and FIAT. Again kontsept - and again very close to a reality. Some young Italians why - that do not want to forget, as their parents huddled in fragile korobchonkah which have served as a prototype for the Soviet dream ZAZ - 965. Kontsept Trepiuno (the name it is possible to translate as Three and one ) It is already deprived such delights as the engine of air cooling and a petrol oven, but gives some representations how our ancestors moved, especially the company. That in this heritage Zaporozhtsa it was possible to play a back seat on a bayan, touching frets more safely, the seat of the forward passenger moves forward. And that that, in turn, did not distort the forward panel the knees, its part leaves where - that in podkapotnoe space. At that guy that for the driver, privileges of the organisation of space are not present, therefore it, probably, and have counted separately. In my opinion, if this design also gives nostalgic feelings it is equal in that volume, as digital hodiki.
Opel has addressed to a niche of young townspeople and has found there not so much nostalgirujushchih, how many pragmatic futurists. At three-metre Opel Trixx three doors - two on the right and one at the left. And they move along a body - lobbies forward, back back. Conveniently, but there is a sensation that where - that all it we already saw.
Toyota too maintains old idea: the car for all occasions. It is However, calculated on the person young and single. When - that legendary Kolin Chepmen, the father of mark Lotus, having communicated with same as he, sorvigolovami, has understood that is small, but stable demand for the extreme machines, capable to go on a city to take on weekend of the owner to a racing line, to leave on this line, to participate in races, and then to carry the owner in restaurant or on girls. So has appeared Lotus - 7, one of XX-th century legends. Probably, times of romanticists come back, for Toyota has groped the same niche and has deduced there kontsept Triathlon. The machine in which two sit, as in a cabin of an educational fighter, one after another, can not only go on a city, but also break records of speed on the asphalted line, and also to storm easy impassability.
however to name this model Lotus the XXI-st centuries language will not turn. On those cars, opened to all winds, without belts and headrests guys rushed as ugorelye among century elms on very narrow paths. In Triathlon is both belts, and a powerful protective cockpit. Here only to go by it it is possible only virtually. To sit down, undertake the joysticks replacing a wheel, to put on a helmet showing a picture, to start software Sega - and forward from songs. I have tried. Then minutes 15 on turns brought: podvorachivalas why - that the left foot.

returning to a reality
And in general, not to good they with the nishevymi products, from satiation all it. Here the normal person who is ready to buy the car for 35 thousand And goes it on the stand of the same Toyota, only around mini - vena Verso on the basis of Corolla. The small machine with three rows of seats (on back, truth, can go in only working on configuration of salon the Japanese), much everyones prijatnostej like a multimedia complex or a rear-view camera which are giving out a picture on the colour liquid crystal monitor. And all is already serial product. And it is similar, for it is possible to buy 35 thousand even such one and a half car, here only founders assure that it too special type of car also there is it in a special niche.
it is visible, it is simply such new fashion. It is pleasant, when say that you supposedly go on nishevom a product created for you. For you all have counted, have understood and have made specially how you that wanted. Well and if something confuses you, so it from nedoponimanija. In due course you will get used and you will see that on - to another and cannot be. Here Izh for example, too nishevyj a product. It is specially created for those who is ready to give for the car only 3,5 thousand - In 10 times it is less, than the average visitor of an average European motor show.