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Office combine
Can present itself the refrigerator with the built in vacuum cleaner and with possibility to listen to audiodisks? And a hybrid of a frying pan with the TV, watering flowers? But if in a life such devices seem absurd at office it similar already were widely adopted. These are the multipurpose devices combining the printer, the colour scanner, a fax and kopir in one bottle .

the Majority of employees of the various companies work at offices with a large quantity of documents and sooner or later face necessity to save time. For example, here a simple problem: it is necessary to scan the document for sending on e - a mail, to make three copies and one more to send by fax. And now we will imagine the unlucky worker of firm who at first ten potters minutes about the scanner, then as much with a fax, and then - with the photocopier. The task can be executed hardly faster if to put all necessary devices simply one after another on a table, but it will demand a lot of space. Still in the middle of 90 - h manufacturers of office technics have understood that it is possible to save essentially space and time if to unite all necessary in multipurpose devices (MFU).
And here today in the market the set of kinds MFU for office is presented, each of which has the features. After all these devices were created as the device, capable to carry out some operations simultaneously and to combine possibilities of several devices. MFU, intended for office work, as a rule, have possibilities of work with systems of document circulation existing in the companies, function of the network press, network scanning, a fax, and also the built in web - the server. Thus each of functions can be brighter is expressed in any concrete model that gives the chance to choose an optimum variant for you.

to the Small ship - the big swimming
to choose the necessary model, first of all it is necessary to estimate volume of work which you are going to charge on MFU.
For small or house office model WorkCentre PE16 from Xerox can become one of the best variants. The sizes of it MFU it is valid more than modest for the device combining the laser printer, the colour scanner, kopir and a fax: only 474 x 436 x 417 mm. The model is equipped by a paper automatic feeder on 30 sheets, speed of the press makes 16 sheets of format A4 in a minute. In the complete set the software set on recognition of texts and viewing of documents is delivered: Omnipage SE and Acrobat Reader 4. 0. The price of model about $410.
One more MFU for work in the small companies - Lexmark X630. At enough compact sizes (701 x 508 x 584 mm) this model is capable to print to 33 pages in a minute with the permission to 1200 dpi, thus expanded tray of giving contains a lot of paper - 3850 sheets. Speed of the press of the first page makes 10 seconds - a quite good indicator for MFU such class. The device possesses function of unilateral monochrome and colour scanning with a speed to 15 pages in a minute with 25 - a sheet tray in the permission 600 dpi. Model X630 also is equipped a fax - the modem, capable to transfer the data with a speed to 33,6 kb/ sek, and is capable to work effectively in a corporate network. Guiding price - $2300.
Other variant office hard workers - the compact model HP LaserJet 3380 intended for use of the house or in the small companies (to five persons). The model prints with speed of 19 pages in a minute. The same speed is supported at colour scanning with the permission to 9600 dpi. LaserJet 3380 also has functions of sending of facsimile messages. The price - $960.
small MFU it is possible to carry To a category two more compact base models - HP LaserJet 3020 and HP LaserJet 3030. Successful design together with a flat design are convenient for use at office and at home. HP LaserJet 3020 combines functions of the laser printer, high-speed kopira and the scanner, and in HP LaserJet 3030 the fax is added also. HP LaserJet 3020 there are $540, HP LaserJet 3030 - $640.
Multipurpose devices Epson Stylus CX5400 and Epson Stylus CX6400 too approach for house office. Devices print with a speed to 22 pages in a minute at is black - white and to 11 pages in a minute at the colour press with the high permission 5760 h 1440 dpi, guaranteeing photographic quality of a print and high detailed elaboration of the image. Models support the basic types of flash cards: CompactFlash (r) (I &II), xD - Picture CardTM, Smart MediaTM, Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick (r), Memory Stick PROTM. Models Epson Stylus CX5400 and Epson Stylus CX6400 use new pigmentary ink Epson Durabrite for reception accurate laser quality and the sated colours. The scanner built in in both models works with the high permission 1200 h 2400 dpi and supports 48 - bit colour. By means of program Epson Smart Panel entering into the complete set it is possible to send the scanned photos by e-mail and by fax or to distinguish the text for editing. Guiding price of model CX6400 - $320, CX5400 - $270.
In case of need the colour press of photographic quality at small offices can use and jet MFU. These are devices of series Officejet 9100 from company HP. At the heart of this series the jet printer is used, capable to print and copy with speed of 22 pages in a minute in a colour mode and 25 pages in a minute in are black - a white mode at the maximum permission 4800 dpi. The model also has functions kopira, the scanner and a fax and is able to send documents by e-mail. All MFU lineup Officejet 9100 have the built in web - the server, allowing to conduct magazine of the executed tasks, to organise the remote order of expendable materials and to operate access on an individual or group basis. Guiding prices: HP Officejet 9100 - 799, HP Officejet 9120 - 999, HP Officejet 9130 - 1200.
Model Stylus Photo RX500 carries out the six-colour press with the permission to 5760 dpi without fields, format A4. Scanning is possible with the permission to 2400 h 4800 dpi, and presence of the built in module for work with transparent originals allows to digitize images from films and slides. Special functions Dust removal and colour restoration correct the damaged parts of the image, without mentioning the next sites and without reducing sharpness of a photo. Guiding price Stylus Photo RX500 - $345.
Model Epson Stylus Photo RX600 is a multipurpose device which unites shestitsvetnyj a jet photoprinter, the scanner and independent kopir. This device can be used as at home, and at small office. It MFU basically is focused on professional photographers and on fans of a photo. So, the model prints with the permission to 5760 h 1400 dpi for reception of photoreproductive quality of the press. RX600 provides scanning with the permission 2400 h 4800 dpi both usual images, and transparent originals, films and slides. As well as other models Epson presented in the review, model can work without connection to the personal computer, for example, to print photos directly from digital carriers, and built in colour ZHK - the display allows to look through photos directly from flash cards. For connection with the personal computer the device supports interface USB 2. 0 and Bluetooth.
Model from Lexmark - x6170 - one of the cheapest in a class of devices for small offices. For the jet printer combined with the scanner, a colour fax and colour kopirom, you pay approximately $380. The model supports the press with a speed to 19 pages in a minute with the permission to 4800 dpi, scanning - 2400 dpi and copying with speed of 16 pages in a minute.

for big
If at you the company of the average or big size, then, both office rather big, and document circulation much more serious. It will demand from MFU as the raised speed of the press and bolshego a tray for a paper, and work with the big corporate network and possibilities to send many the scanned documents by e-mail.
in case for you are necessary only network printer and kopir to one of variants such MFU can become Xerox WorkCentre M35 - the device of a basic level for working groups and the companies with offices of average size. Model 35 works with a considerable quantity of formats - from A6 to A3 and prints with speed of 35 pages in a minute in format A4. Also it is possible to connect a special prefix to this model - a fax, allowing to transfer large documents (to format A3) at once on two telephone lines. Other variant of this model - M35 pro - is equipped by the powerful scanner with possibility of sending of the document by e-mail. Cost of this model - $7700.
One more successful model - Lexmark X632e. Speed of the laser monochrome press reaches 38 pages in a minute in format A4 with the permission 1200 dpi. For fast work with documents the model is equipped by the processor of 350 MHz and the expanded volume of operative memory in 128 MB. The device is capable to print even on envelopes and labels. The tray for a paper contains to 4100 sheets. The built in scanner supports monochrome scanning with speed of 14 pages in minute, colour scanning to 23 pages in a minute with the permission to 300 dpi and sending of documents on e - a mail or by fax. Guiding price - about $5000.
Model Xerox WorkCentre M55 - the successful multipurpose device for the large companies. One only speed of the press - 55 pages in a minute in format A4 and 31 page in a minute in format A3 - says that this model is really ready to serious loadings. The maximum stock of a paper - 4800 sheets. In base complete set 55 it is delivered as the printer with kopirom, however it is possible to connect to it and a fax supporting format A3 and sending of documents on two telephone lines. Other variant of this model - Xerox WorkCentre Pro 55 - has also scanner function. Guiding price M55 - $13 500.
Multipurpose device SCX - 4216F from Samsung too is one of successful decisions for average and large office. The device possesses possibilities of the laser printer, allowing to print with a speed to 16 pages in minute, the permission to 600 dpi, ZHK - the display. With the same permission and speed this model can do and copies of documents. The built in fax works with a speed 33,6 kb/ second At the sizes 447 x 436 x 353 mm model Samsung SCX - 4216D3 weighs all about 11,7 kg. The model price - about $14 thousand