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Life in working conditions
it is possible to approach To a choice of office furniture from the different parties. It is necessary for the chief, that the furniture at office inspired respect to partners and clients and thus served long. From the point of view of the designer, the furniture should be stylish and ergonomic. According to physicians, it is important, that at manufacturing harmful materials were not used. Well and for the bookkeeper important that expenses for conditions of office have not exceeded the allocated budget. The correspondent tells about objective criteria of a choice of office furniture Money Anna Dorofeyev.

the Complex approach
According to sellers of salons of office furniture, buyers choose tables, chairs and cases, proceeding from several reasons. As a rule, this appointment of furniture, the size of office, financial possibilities well and, of course, taste of the client. Nevertheless experts consider that there are objective criteria which are necessary for considering at a choice of office furniture.
first of all office furniture should be reliable. It is not necessary even to say that office tables and chairs are maintained much more intensively and less accurately, than, for example, furniture house. From the point of view of design experts advise to choose furniture universal enough and neutral. In - the first, it will allow to add easily conditions with new subjects or to rearrange furniture in other premise. In - the second, too stylish furniture can make the owner of office the hostage of unique mark and deprive of choice possibility further for office conditions seldom change completely.
Besides, choosing this or that series of furniture, it makes sense to pay attention to quantity of subjects in it. After all it is not excluded that then it is required to add the tables bought, for example, with curbstones and cases. Therefore the more subjects in a series, the better. As a rule, full series include set of subjects of every possible appointment: tables of the curvilinear form, cases and bedside tables with doors - a compartment, racks under office equipment, racks reception, file boxes and many other things.
it is unconditional, solid firms with good reputation can guarantee the wide complex approach, as a rule, (the five of leaders in the Russian market the companies " make; Felix Solo Kraft JUniteks Opposition ) . By the way, choosing firm, it is necessary to consider its production potentialities. The companies having own manufacture, as a rule, are ready to consider individual requirements of the client and to finish or change furniture according to concrete wishes. However, experts recommend to discuss this question in advance - the flight of fancy of the client can not be entered in the production technology.
as a matter of fact, all office furniture can be divided on case (tables, cases, curbstones, etc.) And soft (armchairs, chairs, sofas). And the listed criteria of a choice can be carried both to that, and to other category. Nevertheless depending on a furniture kind there are specific features which are necessary for considering.

case furniture without acute angles
it is unconditional, at a choice of cases and tables the price, colour and design play a role rather essential. However, according to experts, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to another - a material, a thickness of panels, a covering kind, type of a fringing and accessories.
for office furniture panels DSP (drevesno - struzhechnoj plates), covered with an artificial interline interval (laminate) are considered as the best material. Except DSP for manufacturing of case office furniture use MDF (the pressed wood dust), tamburat (hollow plates with rigidity edges), a tree file (furniture from the boards which have been stuck together from bruskov of integral wood). Thus panels should be not more thin 18 mm for cases and curbstones and much more thickly - for tables. It is considered that an optimum thickness of a table-top - 40 mm. The furniture from a natural interline interval, despite its doubtless advantages, is considered far not the best variant for office. It is much less steady against various influences, than furniture from plates DSP, and is thus much more expensive. Therefore natural with furniture, as a rule, arrange only offices of heads.
as a covering of office furniture the laminate (probably, varnished), a natural interline interval, a film of high-temperature polymerisation, and also thick layered plastic (so-called antivandalnoe a covering) is used.
the Fringing do of a laminate more often. Besides, the edge can be made from softforminga (a tape of the raised durability which use for manufacturing of a roundish edge). To check up quality of an edge, it is necessary to pay attention to some details. On a joint of two panels there should not be a whitish strip, and the edge should not exfoliate. The edge should be on all details of furniture, even on those joints which are not visible outside.
As to accessories products of Italian and German manufacture (truth are considered as the best, these accessories and cost much more expensive, than, for example, Turkish). Anyway all furniture should be regulated on height.
it is unconditional, at a furniture choice it is necessary to consider some details. For example, recently tables with metal legs use popularity. However choosing such table, it is necessary to pay attention, whether it is equipped by an electrowater drain box. Otherwise a stylish and hi-tech kind will spoil hanks of telephone, connecting and electric wires entangling working place.
the Fashionable tendency - refusal of acute angles - was widely adopted in manufacture of office furniture. Tables of the so-called ergonomic form use popularity. From usual they differ the rounded off table-top which fits sitting with three parties that allows to use a working surface as much as possible. However giving a craze, it is necessary to consider and lacks of ergonomic tables - their narrow functionality at a combination and bulkiness at shifts.

rigid requirements to upholstered furniture
Sellers assert that to a choice of upholstered furniture for office buyers concern much less exactingly, than the case. As a rule, chairs and armchairs are bought by a residual principle - the main thing that on colour approached and cost more cheaply. That, according to experts, in a root incorrectly: in office armchair the person spends time even more than to beds.
the Main requirement to correct office armchair - safety (it proves to be true certificate GS that means checked up reliability ) . Strangely enough, the quantity of traumas at employees of offices (including as a result of falling from a chair) is comparable with what people receive on industrial production. The second requirement to which the working armchair should answer, is a comfort. Experts distinguish two kinds of comfort - passive and active. The first term designate presence of armrests, the back and seat thickenings repeating features of a human body, presence of castors for different types of floor coverings. By active comfort mean various mechanisms and regulating systems: correct office armchair should be able to be arranged under the owner, as a seat of expensive car. To regulate a back inclination, height of a seat and it should be etc. easy and pleasant, there should be a possibility to do it without rising.
functionality of an armchair depends and on the one who on it will sit. For example, the back of a so-called camera armchair should support only a back. The armchair for work behind the computer should have adjustable armrests. Well and the armchair of the head, according to experts, should be equipped by the mechanism with a mode a rocking-chair - it is probable, that it was not boring to chief to hold meetings and meetings. A back komandirskogo armchairs should be enough high to serve as a support and for a head: as it is known, the Monomove cap is heavy.
on manufacture of ergonomic and functional working armchairs sellers of office furniture unanimously give a palm to Germans. Armchairs of the German manufacture are made of the advanced materials, in them the most difficult and expensive mechanisms. Besides, Germans are fond of safety: on all castors of armchairs and chairs brake mechanisms, and when there is no loading on a seat are established, the castor is blocked, that the clerk who has inadvertently leant the elbows on a chair has not fallen. Minus of German armchairs is their unduly laconic design. This lack are deprived office armchairs of the Italian manufacture: products can concede German from the point of view of functionality and safety, but as regards design Italians do not have the equal.
in the Russian market production of the Italian and German manufacturers is presented basically by armchairs for heads. 90 % of the market of furniture for the personnel belong to manufacturers of inexpensive production from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. According to the sellers, even largely written Made in Italy does not guarantee that the armchair is not made in one of these countries.