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on March, 15th, Monday
the Central Electoral Commission Russia plans to publish preliminary results of presidential elections of the Russian Federation.

the Tver regional court will consider three claims of citizens to the government of Moscow about compensation moral and a material damage in connection with loss native - hostages of the centre on Dubrovke.

In Moscow City Court the next session on to business of scientist Igor Sutjagina, accused of espionage will take place.

in federal court the Dignity - Frantsisko is planned the process beginning on business were the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko, accused of financial frauds.

on March, 16th, Tuesday
In Moscow will open committee session nachshtabov armed forces of the CIS countries and an incorporated staff of the Organization of the Contract on collective safety under the chairmanship of the chief of Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation Anatoly Kvashnin.

in Moscow City Court will pass debate of the parties on the case of murder of the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Yushenkov.

the Constitutional court of Lithuania will begin consideration of inquiry of a diet in connection with charges of the special commission on to impeachment of president Rolandasa Paksasa.

In Vilnius the court over the soloist French fate - groups Noir Desir Bertranom of the Edging, accused in murder of actress Mari Trentinjan will begin.

on March, 17th, environment
In Moscow the State Duma of the Russian Federation plans to consider amendments to the law About the organisation of insurance business in the Russian Federation .

In Moscow under the chairmanship of the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mihajlova will take place session of coordination council of the CIS concerning air defence.

In Minsk will pass 24 - I session of Parliamentary meeting of the Union of Russia and Belarus.

on March, 18th, Thursday
In German Hanover will open an exhibition information and telecommunication technologies CeBIT - 2004.

on March, 19th, Friday
In Moscow City Court preliminary hearings on to business about murder of journalist Vladimir Suhomlina will take place. Among four defendants two police officers.

in Severodvinsk there will pass a bookmark the strategic submarine the fourth generation Alexander Nevsky .

In Swiss None committee UEFA will consider the appeal of Football association of the Wales on refusal to cancel result of a reciprocal butt match the European championship from the modular Russian Federation.

on March, 20th, Saturday
In Moscow state commission on investigation of the reasons accidents in an aquapark Transvaal will publish the the conclusion.

In the State Kremlin palace there will pass the sixth ceremony of rewarding winners of a rating National mark .

on March, 21st, Sunday
In Malaysia there will pass general election deputies of federal parliament and representatives of local authorities.