Rus News Journal

The question price

Ahmat Kadyrov
the president of the Chechen republic
Speak, it is better to study on another`s errors. The events similar what now occur in Georgia, occurred, unfortunately, and in Russia. Dzhohar Dudaev declared republic sovereign and when the federal authorities tried to attempt upon this sovereignty, it threatened war. The general considered inadmissible even flight over the Chechen Republic the Russian planes. In Moscow have decided to pacify stroptivtsa one landing regiment for two hours . For all the price of this decision is known.
however, Georgia in this respect has also a bitter experience. I mean events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Attempts by swoop, a power way to suppress separative moods in these republics only have complicated the decision of the problem. The situation is simply frozen and at any time can blow up. What for to plant still the third centre of intensity?! Now in Adzharii. For such small country as Georgia, this conflict can become fatal. The country will simply break up to some princedoms and hardly when again will gather. Neither in Tbilisi, nor in Batumi from it will not win. In a prize there will be only separate political adventurists and some forces out of Georgia which have provoked this conflict. Believe, Chechens delights such opposition have tested wholly.
the Intercaucasian conflict has also the features. We, as it is known, like to be praised by the ability to be on friendly terms. Yes, we are able to be on friendly terms actively, at times even samopozhertvovanno. But we rush and in other extreme measure: we quarrel how others are not able. Having beaten today each other, for the next day to reconcile at us it is impossible. Consequences of conflicts between Caucasians happen very heavy and long. To remember at least osetino - the Ingush conflict. Has passed ten years, and wounds the Ossetin and Ingushs have not cicatrised till now. I am afraid that it will occur yet soon. Therefore the Georgian leaders should think hundred times before to make the decision. I mean the power decision. Owing to features of the Caucasian mentality of a consequence of the conflict in Adzharii can be much worse, than Chechen. After the first blood this conflict will be beyond political opposition and will outgrow in personal enmity between separate people, families and clans. And here the international diplomacy, I am afraid, it will be powerless. Under the influence of external forces the position of Tbilisi or Batumi can get the best, but people will continue to be at enmity, revenge for the killed father, the brother or the son. After all in civil war on the different parties of barricades there are simple people.
both in Tbilisi, and in Batumi count on support of leaders of the western countries. In vain. The West, most likely, wants the return. If it was not so, the western politicians would not call into question held in the Chechen Republic a referendum and elections, would not welcome at itself representatives of the nonexistent president of Ichkeria. I, of course, cannot offer is unique the true recipe of the decision of this conflict. On caucasus speak: near the neighbour is better than the distant relative. Russia first of all is interested in stability on caucasus: instability there directly threatens its safety.