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In China have corrected the constitution
Yesterday in Beijing ten-day congress of Vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (VSNP) has ended. During congress of 99 % from almost 3 thousand deputies have voted for 13 amendments to the constitution of 1982. Amendments about a recognition of a private property and human rights became major of them. According to the new text of the constitution of the Peoples Republic of China, the private property of citizens is inviolable . Other amendment declares the state the guarantor the rights and freedom of citizens . Besides it, in the Chinese constitution for the first time powers of the higher officials accurately register in the state. Thus, VSNP has completely executed decisions of plenum of the Central Committee of the handheld computer, accepted in October, 2003.
acting on closing of congress, premieres of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao has urged state structures to raise efficiency of the work. we need still very many to make - he has declared. Deputies VSNP have completely approved the policy spent by the prime minister and its office. As a management in the field of personnel selection the theory " has been accepted; three national representations the former chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Tszjan Zemin which even have fixed in the constitution. According to this theory, a handheld computer should co-operate not only with broad masses, but also with representatives of business elite. With this doctrine connect present amendments, which, according to Ven Tszjabao, have for the Peoples Republic of China historical value . However many observers consider that amendments - only private property legalisation there where it is favourable a handheld computer. In all other cases (especially in questions on a civil freedom) the government will manage with the organic law is rather free.

the Head of time operating council of Iraq in Iran
On Saturday has arrived to Teheran the head of time operating council of Iraq (VUS), the representative of Shiit clergy Mohammed Bahr Ulum. In the centre of its negotiations - questions of boundary control and cooperation in oil sphere. In particular, building of the pipeline from southern Iraq to the Iranian city of Abadan where the oil refining factory settles down is supposed.
as a part of the delegation accompanying mister Uluma, two more representatives VUSa - sunnit Samir the expert - Sumejda, prosecuting subjects of the legislation in the field of mass-media, and Shiit Shajja al - a Barrack heading the Union of lawyers and League of protection of human rights. On Saturday the Iraq delegation was accepted by the president of Iran Mohammad Khatami.
among other discussed questions - possibility for the Iranian Shiits to visit sacred places in territory of Iraq. VUS hopes to develop the strict measures interfering penetration on territory of the country of terrorists under the pretext of pilgrims. These fears have even more become stronger after acts of terrorism in Bagdad and Kerbela on March, 2nd.