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Monday, on March, 15th
In the morning the Moon forms harmonious aspects with Venus and Jupiter. This time can be used for small affairs, for the decision of local questions in the work and private life.
in business, in the markets and stock exchanges it is possible to assume small growth which will then be replaced by falling as in the evening Merkury enters the conflict to Saturn in the morning and the negative news having the state value can come.
for trips it is better to choose morning hours. There will be many stoppers and other delays - not only at motorists, but also on public transport in the evening. The reason can be not only actions of people, but also the natural phenomena.
in the psychological relation day average, are available both positive, and the negative moments. The information focused on sensual and aesthetic perception, and also love will bring basically pleasure, and that should be perceived by reason, will adjust on a pessimistic harmony.
for health day not so dangerous. Most strongly in an organism are vulnerable oporno - the impellent device (bones, sinews, knees), and also a skin. Problems with intestines are possible.
cataclysms and incidents are possible, though their probability more low, than the last days.
this week the crisis phenomena in the nature and in a society are most probable in Russia in the Kaliningrad and Chita areas, in Europe - in Poland, Carpathians and on the Balkans, in America - in the east of the USA and in Venezuela, and also in the north and in the centre of Africa, in China and Indonesia.

Arieses will be successful in monetary affairs. It is possible to be engaged in the health. In sphere of the information and during trips the situation is more difficult.
Tauruses are waited by success in study and the international contacts, good luck in love, entertainments and sports. Trips and negotiations are complicated.
twins should not be engaged in the decision administrative and legal issues. In love and domesticities of chances you have more.
At cancers there will be a good situation in relations with other people. Give the initiative to partners and support it.
lions can be engaged in the health, and also to put things in order in monetary affairs and labour collective.
maidens should avoid legal problems and dialogue with representatives of the power. In love, entertainments and business study are better.
at Scales complexities in business partnership are possible, and in private life and family affairs it is possible to count on harmony.
scorpions can lean against friends and colleagues. In private life a situation normal, and with study and trips all not so is simple.
Sagittariuses since morning have chance to earn and successfully to solve professional questions. Avoid risk and passion.
Capricorns should take the initiative on themselves. Avoid dialogue with partners - formalists and dogmatic persons. The love and study will go well.
Aquarius cannot overload the organism. You are waited for by difficulty on trips, but good luck in love and some secret affairs.
fishes should show care with money and not be fond of entertainments and purchases. Dialogue with friends and partners will be fruitful.

Tuesday, on March, 16th
Morning harmonious aspects of the Moon with the Sun and Mars create favorable time for business activity, but use it inhabitants of east Russian regions as this period will end to 8 can basically. 00 Moscow time.
After specified time and to 14. 00 Moon without a course - it is possible to continue only the former affairs, to prosecute insignificant subjects, and also to hand over tax reports and to come to such organisations in which you would not like to come back more.
second half of day is more successful, as the first favorable aspects of tomorrow start to operate. It is possible to prosecute all subjects connected with beauty, an aesthetics, design. Good time for educational and scientific work, literary creativity. It is possible to go to business trips and distant tourist travel.
emergencies are improbable today.
day is favorable for playing sports and manual skills, as a whole for physical activity. Successes in the field of art are possible. The emotional background in the morning constrained, prevails business mood, as the Moon in the Capricorn. After a dinner it in Aquarius that promotes internal freedom and relaxedness, success of friendly meetings and love appointments. The favorable aspect of Venus and Jupiter which will strengthen the specified tendencies at night operates.
day is favorable for health. Feet, in the morning - bone, in the evening - vascular system are vulnerable. It is not necessary to overeat.

Arieses will be a success in collective work. Physical activity, in the evening - emotional in the morning is useful.
Tauruses since morning can solve intellectual questions, in the evening - administrative. All the day long it is good for creativity.
twins have chance to finish the financial affairs. Evening is good for travel and cerebration.
cancers since morning will receive good possibilities for playing sports and business, and also in the affairs connected with cars. In the evening you can be successful in love.
in first half of day it is better to Lions to concentrate on work, and to pay attention of love in the evening.
maidens should work sports in the morning, execute necessary handwork, and second half of day to devote to professional sphere.
scales since morning should make collected domesticities, to solve family questions. Evening is harmonious for entertainments, sports and love.
at Scorpions favorable day for trips and business contacts. It is better to devote evening to a family and love.
Sagittariuses can solve the old monetary questions. Second half of day approaches for trips, business and personal contact.
Capricorns since morning in the affairs should consider the human factor. Evening is good for monetary affairs and purchases.
in first half of day it is better to Aquarius not to accept important decisions. Evening is favorable in the business and emotional plan.
Fishes can take part in collective affairs. Can be engaged the hobbies in the evening.