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The Olympic Games - the main engine of advertising

has answered questions the employee of analytical company World Advertising Research Centre the FLOOR TAYLOR.
- what of events of this year the greatest impact on development of the advertising market will make?
- it is unconditional, most of all the advertising world market will be affected by the Olympic games. Coverage of audience at this event is so great that the effect from it, undoubtedly, will surpass all the others. Elections in the USA will be the event of year second for value: presidential campaign goes long enough time so, time suffices for advertising placing. The European championship on football also will render a positive effect on advertising development, but it is limited more by deadlines, therefore I would put it on the third place.
- when for the first time it was showed four-year effect and whether it is possible to speak about cyclic character of development of the market?
- About effect chetyrehletki Have started to speak after the Olympic games in Barcelona - in 1992 this event became considerable stimulus for development of the world market of advertising. The next years this effect became swept even more up, though, certainly, the market was influenced also by other reasons, for example change of the local advertising legislation, dynamics of the prices for advertising in separate regions and a tendency of global economic development. In 1990 - h cyclic character of development of the advertising market was showed. It became especially obvious in the last some years: in 2000 sharp growth of publicity expenses has followed, in 2001 - its m has replaced sharp recession (but here there were also reasons, for example acts of terrorism on September, 11th), then by 2003 there was a certain stabilisation, and this year we expect again growth of expenses.
- whether jump this year will be swept so up?
- it is difficult to tell precisely while we can predict only that indicators will be quite comparable.
- What directions of advertising develop most dynamically?
- Among such directions it is possible to name on-line advertising and sponsor`s TV programs, such as Pepsi Chart. However these directions develop from low level, therefore and rates of their growth are high enough. Traditional kinds of advertising - television, printing mass-media - remain till now prevailing.
interview took EVGENIE - the TAIL