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As the appearance of voters
mass character

was provided with the Main intrigue of the presidential elections which have passed yesterday of the Russian Federation there was a question of overcoming 50 - a percentage threshold of an appearance of voters. As show results of voting, the authorities of almost all regions managed to provide arrival of citizens on sites. In the majority of regions already by 16 o`clock half of voters has executed the civic duty.
in Khabarovsk territory already to 16. 00 local time presidential election has been recognised by taken place - the appearance of voters has made 55,74 %. Everything, according to the Khabarovsk electoral committee, 65,92 % have taken part in elections. The high appearance was provided, in particular, with military men. So, for example, the soldier of the first year of service of Volochaevsky garrison groups on 50 persons brought to the polling district located in the administrative case of munitions factory #89. As has told the vice-president of the Khabarovsk electoral committee Valentine Sjavaeva, during voting of gross infringements it is not fixed. As she said, on one of polling districts of Solar area the representative of Open Company " has come; Dalolovo also began to demand lists of workers of this enterprise to find out who from them has come on elections. However it to the employee of Open Company it has been refused.
in the Amur region on the eve of elections incident has occurred on one of the polling districts, located in club of village Chernigovka of Svobodnensky area where two drunk young men have got. After several precautionary shots in air the police officer protecting a site, began to cause help. However it has not stopped robbers. The representative of law enforcement bodies had to shoot at a foot to one of the attacking. 22 - the summer voter has been hospitalised. According to preliminary data, the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region recognised actions of the security guard lawful. It is interesting that the similar case has occurred in the Amur region in the election day of deputies of the State Duma when on polling district in village Hristinovka of Mazanovsky area the drunk tractor operator has demanded to arrange a disco and the beginnings deboshirit. The Police officer had to shoot on defeat. As the chairman of regional election committee Anatoly Kotsonozhko has informed, according to preliminary data, 57,72 % have taken part in presidential election amurchan.
On to Kamchatka 55,66 % of voters have voted. There during voting carrying out on one of polling districts 100 bulletins have been stolen. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij has filed criminal charges upon plunder of documents.
50 - the percentage threshold of an appearance of voters in Primorski Territory has been overcome by 16 o`clock. Local authorities have done the utmost to involve primortsev in urns. So, in Vladivostok on polling districts buffets where products were on sale at much reduced prices (bread " worked; Borodino for example, sold on 7,5 rbl. at the usual price in 14 rbl., a bottle Zhigulevsk beer cost only 10 rbl.) . Also on polling districts it was offered to receive free of charge consultation at the doctor and to measure arterial pressure. 18 - the summer voters, for the first time come to vote, as a gift received tickets in cinemas, and needy pensioners - coupons for hairdressing salon visiting. In the cities of Arteme, Arsenyev, the Find voters on sites for voting received tickets for concerts with participation of known actors - Natalias Gvozdikovoj, Boris Himicheva, Ii Ninidze and Andrey Rudensky. Thus any gross infringements on elections it is not fixed - as the chairman krajizbirkoma Sergey Knyazev has declared, signals about infringements arrived, but they concerned discrepancies in lists of voters.
on Kuzbas, where elections have been recognised by taken place by 16 o`clock local time, increase of activity of voters was promoted by free concerts of stars of the Russian platform which were organised by the coal company Kuzbassrazrezugol . For example, group Hands upwards has given a concert in settlement Bachatsky, Hi - Fi - in settlement Kedrovka. Thus tickets for concerts could be received only on polling districts.
in Altay territory incident on elections has occurred in Industrial area of Barnaul where on several sites leaflets with heading " have been found out; Glazyev or Putin and the text from which followed, it is necessary what to vote for Sergey Glazyev. Leaflets have appeared without the target data - the local staff of candidate Glazyev has categorically kept separate from charges in leaflet distribution. In krajizbirkome yesterday in any way did not make comments on this incident. The regional authorities has much more excited shown on Saturday evening with the channel Russia the program a laughter Room with performance of actor Michael Evdokimova. It was considered as the main contender of operating governor Alexander Surikova on passing simultaneously with presidential governor`s elections.
in the Omsk region participation in elections was accepted by 65 % of voters. 50 - a percentage threshold of an appearance the regional election committee declared overcoming by 14 o`clock local time, but there was it at the expense of activity of inhabitants of rural areas. Governor Leonid Polezhaev has personally called omichej to value a course of the president and to support its undertakings directed on progress of the country .
Elections in Kaliningrad have begun with incident: unknown hooligans have poured early in the morning a black paint over a signboard Territorial election committee on a site #305 located in 49 - m lycee. In the same place have broken a staff on which should hang up the Russian flag in the morning. On a scene there has arrived the chairman of regional election committee Vasily Zjubanov who has disposed to replace a signboard. In the same way on the eve of December elections in the State Duma the signboard " has been spoilt; an United Russia in the Kaliningrad pre-election staff. The militia without delay has not detained hooligans.
50 - a percentage threshold of an appearance Tatarija has overcome by 14 o`clock. The appearance of voters basically was provided with countrymen: in two areas half of voters has voted already to 10 o`clock in the morning. In republican TSIKe worked a hot line on which yesterday arrived to 50 calls to hour. Basically it there were messages on small misunderstanding.
on the eve of elections in Bashkiria in the press the information that on many polling districts the trading companies " has been started; under own initiative will organise sale of products and the goods at reduced prices. However, on those sites in Ufa which were gone round by the correspondent, any sale it was revealed not. But in the Ordzhonikidzevsky disctrict of the city to voters gave on a pack of tea or a chocolate, in October area handed over lotteries from radio Russian on which from March, 14th till April, 14th ostensibly it will be possible to win a large prize. And to young men till 30 years everywhere distributed free flyers on a disco, in night club or on stadium for visiting in the election day. Tickets have got not to everything, and some offended called about it on a hot line local electoral committee. One serious complaint, apparently, will be submitted to republican electoral committee from communists. As Valery Shiryaev has informed zamrukovoditelja local branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, in Aurgazinsky area of republic of 25 observers from the Bashkir branch of party at first have been admitted on sites, and then shown the door from them from - that representatives of local administration did not like the form of covering letters with which the party has supplied the observers. In these letters communists asked to admit them on sites, having referred to law item 23 About presidential elections of the Russian Federation but did not begin to specify that they do not fall under the restrictions provided by point 8 of this article, in particular are not direct subordinates or relatives of candidates in presidents of the Russian Federation. The Bashkir communists have considered this cavil purely formal - in their opinion, the law does not demand to do such reservations without fail. Nevertheless participation of communists in supervision over elections in area has been broken.
in Sverdlovsk area presidential elections of Russia have been recognised by taken place only in 19. 30 local time. The appearance for this time has made 52,67 %. Gross infringements during elections it has not been fixed. Only in Nizhni Tagil on a number of sites points of unapproved trade are liquidated by vodka.
In St.-Petersburg mass efforts on activization of selective moods of townspeople - as by means of traditional, and not quite traditional methods have been undertaken. So, on located in city centre Senna the areas have built a platform from which to the gathered townspeople the head of department on development of gardening and truck farming of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Vasily Zaharjashchev has addressed: Today all of us it is voted, but it is necessary to do it more actively and so we will answer our enemies . This thesis has been repeated repeatedly, but who our enemies mister Zaharjashchev and has not explained. And in the meantime behind the promised free buckwheat cereal the big turn was built. Simultaneously on a city wind bands the whole day long moved, there passed sports actions, and cadets and regular soldiers well-disposed ranks visited museum expositions of St.-Petersburg. All these efforts have led to that necessary for election of the president 50 - the percentage barrier has been overcome both in St.-Petersburg, and in Leningrad region approximately between 18. 00 and 19. 00.
In the Saratov region the selective staff of the candidate of Irina Khakamada has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor of Saratov with the statement that variety of citizens, presumably from among persons without a certain residence, votes repeatedly on various polling districts of a city . Applicants believed that not less than 14 persons without a residence permit have voted at once in four disctricts of the city. The regional election committee really registers cases when the same people voted at first on one, and then on other site.
in Yakutia the appearance of voters has made 79,4 %. It is surprising that on 13. 00 appearance made 10 %, and on 16. 00 - already 63,62 %. To elections it has been declared that the voted inhabitants of Yakutia will receive a discount in 500 rbl. On payment of utilities.
active workers natsional - Bolshevist party in Irkutsk suited the action on polling district in city centre. In 14. 38 two young men took under the ballot and have passed in booths for voting. There they have removed jackets and remained in T-shirts with an inscription Russia without Putin and NBP . When they left, on both there were gas masks. Both young men have in a pointed manner broken off bulletins then have removed gas masks. One of them has cried out: From your elections stinks! the second has pasted at this time a badge which usually designates a recycle bin on a voting box. After that both have thrown upwards a bale of leaflets and have run out on street. Law enforcement officers had not time to react to this trick and have not detained infringers of an order.
In the municipal electoral committee has sent Moscow the letter to Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to understand incident which is connected with presidential elections of the Russian Federation. According to the chairman of Moscow Election Committee Valentina Gorbunova, radio station Dynamite - FM on the site and in underground cars has placed the information on the action beginning under the name Come on elections - receive the invitation card on a concert ` the Bomb of year - 2004 ` . Young men go on polling districts and, without having received the promised tickets, refuse to vote - mister Gorbunov has complained.
till the late evening there were questions on maintenance 50 - a percentage appearance of voters only in four subjects of federation - Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk, Tula and Tver areas.