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Love of 2012

Valentines day in the Baltic house
a premiere theatre

theatre Repertoire the Baltic house has replenished with statement of the play of Ivan Vyrypaeva Valentines day written throughout popular in the seventies Valentina and Valentines Michael Roschin. Performance was put by young director Vasily Senin. On the prime minister ELENA - GERUSOVA has visited.
It even is strange that in repertoire of Theatre of a name of Lenin Komsomol (so till 1991 was called Baltdom ) In due time there was no Michael Roschin`s play. Valentine and Valentine - history about two enamoured, yesterday`s schoolboys. But lyric poets in it Michael Roschin has measured exactly so much not to disappoint rising generation, but also not to distract from important debate about a love place in a society. Has not been forgotten by the playwright and statistics of early marriages, and eternal discontent of parents, and a social inequality. Besides the play was, as it was called, problem, with the open ending. According to last author`s note, the the first victory the enamoured gained, but the accent was on other - as it will be died, we do not know . Years by the enamoured it has been measured exactly so much, how many it is necessary under the legislation, - eighteen.
in 1970 - m to year when Valentine and Valentine have met, Ivan Vyrypaeva on light yet was not. But 30 years after one of most if not the most talented young Russian playwright has written A certain continuation of the play of Michael Roschin . Formally, it has tracked life of heroes till 2012. There was it not very well. More precisely, has not developed. Valentine married neigbour Katya, began to change to it with Valentina and has died of a heart attack in day when to Valentine it was executed forty years. Conductor Katya has washed down, apartment has sold to Valentine. They live now together, suffer, hate and love the friend the friend as native, remember the Valentine. Like gloomy history. But vyrypaevskaja the play left on - good lyrical, rigid and ridiculous simultaneously. Because at all the history about Valentines forty years later was composed by the playwright, and has given clear and a definite answer to Michael Roschin. The love is. And let it is rhymed with melancholy, death, misfortune and fatal flaws. Let heroes want to get rid of it, choke, break furniture, shoot from a gun, wives feel superfluous, and mistresses - deceived, let Valentina dies with Valentine in one day though and 20 years later, and Katya goes to any space expedition.
the main thing - the love is, and it not only is stronger than death, but also it is more important than happiness. Ivan Vyrypaev has given to the play a genre subtitle the Melodrama with citations in a primitiveness direction . Citations - from Marc Chagall when enamoured can fly over Vitebsk. Here and Katya even dreams that it flied over Vitebsk together with gold Michael Gorbachev. Citations - from Michael Roschin, but not from debates, Ivan Vypypaev takes only what names simple words of the last century. These games in due course and with a word, frequent fleshbeki in the past of heroes and zatsepki for roshchinskuju the play can deceive the director. It is easy to decide that Valentines day Is a love story and that time current plays it the major role. But it not a love story, it about love. Another matter that turns out so that, can, it would be easier, if there was no it at all.
Director Vasily Senin, Peter Fomenko`s pupil, even more youngly, than Ivan Vyrypaev, and like should catch the slightest fluctuations of feelings in air. But it fixes time and on remains collects biographies. On the black screen figures " are projected; 2012 at turning points of life of heroes behind their backs there are laser hours with running arrows, the metronome is started. The apartment Valentines (Regina Ljalejkite) and Katyas (Irina Kuznetsova) unambiguously reminds a car with reserved seats 50 - h years, on the top regiments any pioneer pendants, busts of leaders, forges and other stuff of time. Behind a window of their carriage pour rains. Sometimes this flat and long flat is attacked by any laser ripples, and is similar, as if that occurs on a scene, show on the screen of the old TV. In the ending there is a snow pyramid, orange oranges slide on a white scene. Katya in a shaggy cap and on skis goes where - that to Mars. Brad like but if attentively to read the play, not mad this Katya, at its expedition is the purpose - to find in a galaxy a place where there is no this love harmful to normal life. Valentina leaves in a secret distance under flakes of beautiful theatrical snow. What for Valentine was necessary to them, what for they were necessary to it, resolutely is not clear. And as Valentine is played by beautiful and rational actor Valery Solovev to coldness and you wait that now will sit down Valentina with Katya, will embrace and will start singing about what for you, girls, beautiful love . Not the most suitable melody for Valentinova day .