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The Bolshoi theatre has stumbled on Balanchine

a premiere ballet

the Bolshoi theatre has shown George Balanchina`s Ballets in three branches, having devoted a premiere 100 - letiju the main choreographer of the XX-th century. TATYANA - KUZNETSOVA believes that the Bolshoi theatre has underestimated jubiljara.
Anniversary George Balanchina in this season celebrate worldwide: even the most remote companies find feasible ballet from four hundreds opuses of the prolific author. The Bolshoi theatre which is applying for the post in G8 of the main troupes of the world, certainly, could not stand aside from the world celebration. However has decided to get off with small losses: has studied only three pases - de - de and maloformatnyj Koncherto baroque . On this were applied the Symphony to a major and constructivist Agon five years ago already last successful tests in Moscow and on tours.
would Prepare to balanchinskomu to evening like carefully. From Fund Balanchina three leading experts " have been written out; style and technicians Balanchina . The legendary Frenchwoman Violett Verdi who has danced at Mr. In twenty seasons, have invited to give to actors lessons - for mastering of nuances of the American classics. Petersburger Tatyana Terekhov who five years ago has bridled Moscow volnitsu in record three weeks, again have urged to drill troupe for populous Symphonies Bizet. In a word, prepared qualitative a dish of day . One of most nepropechennyh pancakes for last, rather safe, ballet five-years period has turned out.
the beginner - " has appeared the crudest repertuarnyj; Koncherto baroque . In 1941 - m George Balanchin then not having own company, has put it for the pupils, it is urgent rekrutirovannyh for tours across the South America. In the three-private opus which has grown from bahovskogo of the Concert re a minor for two violins, the soloist tools are materialised in the form of two ballerinas with accompaniment from eight kordebaletnyh dancers. The unique not dancing man plays a role of the violinist, quiveringly singing lullabies to the first ballerina in an adagio. Hrustalno the clear, deprived ostentatious virtuosities, built on leitmotives of an arabesque and small puantnyh jumpings up - releve, Koncherto baroque it is simultaneously playful and meditativen, it is sacral and carefree. To catch this rare intonation it was possible to Recently Parisian opera (see from January, 9th).
In big Koncherto baroque it has appeared it is similar to examination in classical dance in provincial school. The braked girls in white bathing suits with short skirts with tupovatoj humility and not in a harmony beat off the monotonous learnt by heart pases. Having joined hands, went senseless horovodikom, the confused which weaving covered dirty work of the soloist pair. The tall soloist Rinat Arifulin who has been put forward by theatre in premieres, but not having due duetnoj experts, sufficed ballerina Anna Antonichevu for a waist so that at it bones of fingers grew white, and turned out to it hands with methodicalness of the secret sadist. The unfortunate woman, masking sufferings a weak smile, by miracle crept from one pozirovki to another and hitched up shoulders from efforts to hang in air. the second violin - Natalia Vyskubenko - have pulled out from corps de ballet for unknown reasons. Iksovye celluloid feet of the newly made ballerina catastrophically were not in time behind music and not kosolapili only in steady parternyh poses. About semafornye hands, the wooden case and absence of representation of the base of all poses - position epaulement - in this living in misery class to remind tactlessly.
Agon Stravinsky - the main triumpher of a premiere of five years` prescription - for expired years has become grey and has retired to the background. Only stylish and sharp Yana Godovsky, vigorous Anastasii Jatsenko yes to comely Alexander Vojtjuku was possible to keep pobeditelnyj a drive of former times. The most appreciable destructions have occurred in the central pas - de - de. This most powerful in the history of ballet dance battle of the man and the woman, disguised by secret voluptuousness, young Ekaterina Shipulina and Ruslan of Starlings have executed as people from the USSR in which, as it is known, sex was not. The angular tonic, appear, thought only of how not to fall on intricate supports, the handsome man of premieres has fairly concentrated on extremities and a torso of the ballerina. The half-dead adagio has crept away on seams, without having presented spectators agona, at least an agony.
in a front door four-private Symphonies to a major at once four tonics and a premiere enter private rivalry - to each pair the choreographer has presented magnificent solo. To compete in present Big there was nobody. Grachev`s ballerina, and five years ago Balanchinu looking inadequately, nowadays absolutely has spat on the choreographer inconvenient to it. Even to cross legs in zanoskah to it was unbearable - let simple soloists fuss (behind the back protagonistki they with the entrechat - six really looked the tonic) more masterly. The large, friable ballerina Allash heavily rising in jete accompanied by low, dry Yana Godovsky, also has at all ruined an effective third part of a symphony. Dashing Galina Stepanenko joyfully, as in Quixote has turned off rotations in the fourth part, without hammering in itself a head knowledge of style. A predicted victory has gained eks - Petersburger Svetlana Zaharova in the second part of ballet: its fantastically clever feet have finished speaking everything that has not come to mind to the ballerina.
a makeweight to the basic program on the prime minister have shown a smash hit Pas - de - de on Tchaikovsky music. General favourite Sergey Filin otpljasal it it is radiant - carelessly, regularly breaking pirouettes. The hope of public and criticism Maria Aleksandrova has appeared is unexpectedly rude and vulnerable: even in koronnyh a pas (like fuete or fritters in an arabesque) it looked fussy and uncertain. In an interval it nervously - rough performance has received a plausible explanation: on a lobby the hearing has spread that the prime minister has met the ballerina hardly probable not on the eve of performance - even on dress rehearsal not at once has stepped on the stage, having expressed thus the indignation concerning the interrupted personal tours. It is necessary to tell, the mister the Eagle owl has fallen a unique victim of labour discipline: its colleagues (including fine executors Agona Inna Petrov and Dmitry Belogolovtsev, and also the best gentleman of troupe Andrey Uvarov) continue to please foreign public as a part of Nina Ananiashvili`s troupe.
the Strange situation, at which needs of theatre appear are sacrificed to financial interests of actors therefore in anniversary balanchinskoj to the program structures are formed chosen at random, actually is quite explainable. In this premiere has not been interested were hudruk - Boris Akimov who has already combined the powers, present - Alexey Ratmansky preparing in the Danish Royal ballet to the prime minister by Anna Karenina . The consciousness of ballet actors not strongly differs from consciousness of serfs: to break itself very much it would not be desirable, and the barin far to punish there is nobody.