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Romeo will replace Kvazimodo

Notre Dame de Paris has left from the Russian scene beautifully
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Yesterday at Theatre of light opera last representation of the most successful for today of Moscow musical Notre Dame de Paris has taken place. MARINA - SHIMADINA considers that performance managed to hold on two years thanks to correct system of hire.
performance have closed to release a platform for the new project - the Russian version of other French musical, Romeo and Juliette which premiere has taken place in Paris more recently, in 2001. The company the Underground entertejnment begun the activity on transferring of foreign musicals to Russia still five years ago, with Polish the Underground took for a rule everyone two - three years to update the repertoire systematically to acquaint Russian public with the best samples of a genre. But as the company has no own platform and divides a scene with performances of the Theatre of light opera which has sheltered it, for the sake of updating of repertoire it had to offer the old project. As the general producer of the company Alexander Weinstein, " has explained; Notr - Ladies and Romeo and Juliette could not get on on one scene. Both performances have such difficult and heavy scenery that on their installation - dismantle so much time would leave that it would not suffice on performances.
but business not only in technical problems. It seems that Notr - Ladies despite a clear agiotage of last days, has almost settled the spectator audience, and producers did not begin to squeeze out the last of the project, having given the chance to it to leave from a scene beautifully. For incomplete two years performance has been played more than 300 times and at it has looked about 500 thousand persons: it is a record for musicals going to Russia and, seemingly, a limit for performances such. In Moscow simply is not present bolshego quantity of spectators, the interested musicals and capable to lay out for the ticket large enough sum. And to lower the prices it is impossible. The budget of such shows in which expensive sound and light equipment is used, technically difficult scenery and special effects, makes more than $4 million, and these investments need to be paid back. According to Alexander Weinstein, Notr - Ladies has paid off conditionally as the obtained means still half a year have been enclosed in preparation of the new project back that has allowed to reduce a break between musical closing Notr - Ladies and start Romeo and Juliette about two months.
one of the main reasons of success of the project Notr - Ladies endured all competitors, there was a hire mode. Cooperation with Theatre of light opera has allowed the company to show a musical blocks on 14 - 16 performances in a month and to arrange the respites necessary for sale of tickets for the following block. Other Moscow musicals (here we do not consider the North - Ost from it forsmazhornymi circumstances), individually occupying platforms, have been compelled to play daily to pay rent, keeping thus the high prices, and in this situation could not collect packed houses every day. In Moscow conceding to the main capitals of a musical on development of tourism, - namely tourists provide long life to performances on the Broadway and in Vest - Ende, - the most favourable and reasonable should recognise a principle of block display. Perhaps, the House of musicals which plan to construct in culture Park, will solve a problem of large musical projects, but while it only plans.
at Theatre of light opera already rehearsals of a new musical today will begin. It will be not an exact copy of the French performance, as Notr - Ladies and the new Russian version adapted for a small scene of theatre. But the same people who created the original will work over it. The new libretto the poet - pesennik has written Naum Olev. The main surprise of performance - instead of notr - damovskogo Vyacheslav Petkuna a role guest star in Romeo and Juliette Nikolay Tsiskaridze who will perform Destiny part will play. The prime minister Big as it has appeared, is fond for a long time of musicals and does not pass possibility to look abroad any new statement. Now the dancer passes postoperative rehabilitation, and in its operating schedule there was a free time. And here the suitable role in which it is not necessary to sing and make difficult ballet movements has just turned up. In general - that in the French variant Destiny party is executed by the woman, but authors of performance for Nikolay Tsiskaridze have altered it on the man`s. The premiere of new performance will take place on May, 20th. Notr - Ladies remains only on video - record of old performance will be let out on DVD.