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the Theatre but will act in Big
On the New scene of the Bolshoi theatre will pass two-day tours of Japanese theatre but. On March, 23rd and 24 troupe Hakusekaj under the direction of Otosige of Sakai having a title important property in sphere of non-material culture of Japan will present four plays from classical repertoire of the most ancient theatre of the world - on two in every evening.

the Spanish macho will dance in the Kremlin
In the Kremlin palace celebrity already known to Muscovites - dancer Hoakin Cortes - will show the new program About love and hatred . The main Spanish macho will present firm mikst from a flamenco, a jazz, tsyganshchiny and modern dance. It is assisted by 20 actors led by the director of show Juan Carlos Leridoj.

German Bodies Will cover army theatre
At Theatre of the Russian army within the limits of proceeding year of Germany in Russia today and tomorrow will show performance Bodies rukovoditelnitsy theatre SHaubjune Sashi Valts. It is the first (and the most temperamental) a part of a cycle of the well-known German choreographer and the director: 12 drilled actors for an hour and a half will confidently and convincingly discredit a hedonistic cult of a human body.

the English minimalist will congratulate on Red hills
In the music House on Red hills the concert devoted 60 - letiju the composer - minimalist Michael Nyman will take place. Compositions jubiljara and its younger colleague Pavel Karmanova will play known Moscow musicians Alexey Ljubimov, Michael Bereznitsky, Marina Katarzhnova and Alexander Trostjansky.
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