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Sergey Jashechkin
the chairman of the board of joint-stock company the Russian municipal systems (RKS)
it is More than on a five-years period even in the USSR did not think
- you face what system problems in conditions nedoreformirovannogo the market what the market housing - utilities is?
- Problems basically are connected with transformation of norms of the account which has got to us since the USSR and partly not so not working. At times we should be guided not by acts as they reflect not all variety of modern problems, and to protect the investments by means of contracts and tariff agreements, going on certain risks. It is necessary to think out contractual schemes which allow to consider indirect expenses, for example on certification, state registration, property reduction in an efficient condition. It is necessary for making irrespective of pattern of ownership of habitation. However in Russia municipalities have allocated with property, and nobody has made legal procedure of assignation. From - for it there are black holes. For example, we accept on the account of networks of 140 km in one of the regional centres of Saratov, and upon we reveal 280 km of the networks which half is not considered anywhere.
- what features of work with natural monopolies and in what quality acts as joint-stock company RKS?
- RKS is inzhiniringovaja investment company. Therefore our intermediary consists that we acquire the right to operate risks of current activity for technically competent and qualitative development of means that is favourable to municipalities, and we guarantee return kapvlozheny to investors. But here it is necessary to divide types of service accurately: it is possible only to help for municipality to be defined with an optimum set of decisions or to find for it investments, and can be, act as investors; it is possible to become a management company.
- whether expansion of business of a management company or property acquisition in the property Is planned?
- Today to get in the property objects housing - a municipal infrastructure extremely risky for the private capital. Who can sell a network of waterpipes? In the world only Chile and Great Britain privatised water supply system. Because appointment of this system - to provide ability to live of the whole cities, they cannot be withdrawn and where - that to carry away, their actions are not quoted in the markets. To get in the property system of waterpipes - means to adhere itself to it.
- when housing and communal services reforming will end, you remain in this market or will find to yourself other niche?
- We now seriously consider projects on recycling of a firm household waste. We already understand how to organise this business, and are assured that we have growth prospects in this direction. Besides, we consider possibility of participation in the program of development of housing construction of accessible habitation. If the mortgage generates and will support a consumer demand for habitation someone should to construct and maintain advancing rates engineering networks. Therefore the combination of our model of management and these kinds of activity generates new products which we are ready to master and offer the consumer. Creation of such offers in itself gives multiplicate effect, our experience the same builders can use.
- it is how much essential, from your point of view, technologies of work in the housing and communal services market will change after its reform will be finished? Whether it will be found out, what appeal has this market only for the period of reforming?
- that we create, is a business which is capitalised rather decently. By analogy to other actives in the industry and economy it underestimated. As in general it is possible to speak about an estimation of property which is not in a turn. Therefore anywhere we from it will not leave. And then, we have come to help to formulate work rules in this market, to be fixed on it, and our purposes rather long-term in this plan. We want to participate long, even the philosophy of our projects is connected with business development. Here it is possible to solve short-term problems, but business long-term. Though even in the USSR there were five-years periods with accurately certain plans, further them nobody thought. Therefore we consider that it is a deadline on which the parties are capable to predict development of the relations with the market.
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