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Vladimir Kondrachuk
the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Trance of Nafta
We are able to work on the minimum profits
- Why it is interesting to you to be engaged in business in the conditions of not reformed market? After all risks at the moment of change of model of work of the market are highest...
- But also the income in the new markets the highest. The gas market was absent until recently as that, today it passes a formation stage, and it is interesting to us to work here. And high risks assume higher income. We incur these risks and fairly we earn the profit.
- whether pertinently to say, what you assign a part to yourselves in the present gas market of the professional intermediary?
- And you consider, what the intermediary in the gas market has not enough work? Registration of contracts with small consumers which get 1 million cubic metre of gas a month or even less, passes under the same scheme, as with heavy buyers. And to earn any five dollars on one consumer to Gazprom to large manufacturers of gas not interesting. They not begin these to be engaged. We come to this niche and we make out all documentation as it is necessary. Consumers are happy. At the same time we create the branched out network from small consumers, duplicating conditions of contracts that allows our company to increase the income. That is the intermediary in the gas market is a set of the administrative decisions, the issued documents, minimisation of expenses for sellers and buyers.
- that you will do, when reform of the gas market will come to the end: will start to get the property to become the player, or will leave on other reformed market?
- I Think that it will be logical to begin extraction on small deposits which it is a lot of, for example, in the Volga region. Gazprom or the multinational corporations - BP will not potter with these small deposits. And for us it is normal business for construction of vertically integrated scheme for strengthening of system of sale.
- you are not afraid that sooner or later with the Trance Naftoj there will be a same situation, as with Itera when the company has enclosed 250 million dollars in the Coastal deposit, and Gazprom has not started up it in the pipeline?
- It is necessary to understand initially, you develop what deposit. Itera intended to extract raw materials in 25 km from gazpromovskogo deposits. And the pipe is calculated on the limited volume of gas. Therefore also there was an admission problem in a pipe. We will not make such errors.
- now the Trance of Nafta has possibility to work even in foreign markets almost without a competition. However how much the company will have enough resources when there will be a serious competition in those markets which will decide to open Gazprom for example on the Belarus?
- Yes, a competition - a thing serious. It hardly will manage to be avoided, but the Belarus market is unattractive today. On one thousand cubic metre we earn to 20 cents. Therefore across Belarus we are not afraid of a competition. Last year Byelorussians addressed to NOVATEKu and to other independent manufacturers of gas, however those have weighed all economy also have refused deliveries. And then, risk of non-payments - not the most pleasant piece. Byelorussians pay, but with decent delay on terms, and manufacturers want to have money for gas in day of shipment. Therefore, for example, when we in February signed contracts with Beltransgazom we set the seal in the morning, and handed over the customs declaration in the evening and thus had time to find necessary quantity of gas and to pay its overall cost.
- Itera too before found both means, and raw materials for Belarus. Just now it do not favour.
- At Itera There are no other resources, except the administrative. And when it has come to an end, also gas does not remain. At us the accurate scheme of acquisition of gas at independent manufacturers when those risk nothing is adjusted, receiving payment in day of signing of the contract.
- next month you will deliver gas to Belarus?
- Yet I do not know. Here Gazprom it will be defined with a question of the contract with Belarus then I can tell, whether there will be a place for our company. If this environment Gazprom will conclude the contract with Beltransgazom we will leave aside. Well and will suggest to work - we are ready. We are able to work on the minimum profits.
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