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Alexander Voloshin has received an office with a kind on Anatoly Chubays

Yesterday the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Anatoly Chubays has declared that the former head of Presidential Administration Alexander Voloshin in the nearest future will receive in a staff - Russian Open Society apartment, “ the Electrohouse “ on Vernadsky`s prospectus, a personal office, and also regular monetary compensation for discharge of duties of the chairman of board of directors of the company. Thus, Vladimir Putin Alexander Voloshin`s second presidential term will begin in an armchair of the head of not less important power monopoly, than “ Gazprom “. Such decision could not be accepted without approval of the president.
about Alexander Voloshin Anatoly Chubays`s hardware destiny yesterday actually was not going to speak. He together with the first zamom Leonid Melamedom (last already declared the resignation, but till the end of April remains in the Russian Open Society) has invited in “ the Electrode “ analysts of some the known consulting companies to explain, how the Russian Open Society control system will be reformed. This Friday at session of board of directors reform “ electric “ the authorities should be confirmed.
the scheme of recent reorganisation of the government is put in a basis of this reform. “ it becomes fashionable! “ - has explained the choice Anatoly Chubays. Instead of 15 present trustees of the Russian Open Society remains, according to the reformer, “ it is slightly less “. On - visible, no more than 10 - 12 persons. The post of the first vice-president of board is liquidated. The number is simple zamov is reduced to one. Who it becomes, the head of board of the Russian Open Society has refused to tell (“ and suddenly will not select? “) But sources both in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, and in the companies competing to the Russian Open Society amicably assert that it will be vitse - the prime minister and the Minister of Economics in Victor Tchernomyrdin`s government, and now the vice-president of board of the Russian Open Society Jacob Urinson. However, this personnel question will be definitively solved on Friday.
the board which has reduced numbers of the Russian Open Society will be engaged, as the government and the ministries, is exclusive an establishment of game rules on reforming of a power field. For this purpose in its frameworks will create the corporate governance centre (direct management of holding) and control centre of reform. Pravoprimenitelnye “ electric “ functions will give six so-called business - to units. Each of them will be engaged in a certain kind of electric business with a sight on its cardinal reforming. For example, one of these units becomes the System operator (were TSDU), in others will concentrate FSK, MSRK (inter-regional analogue FSK), foreign actives, export; gidro - OGK (the incorporated generating companies); warm - OGK and TKG (the territorial generating companies), and also regional joint-stock companies - energo - in the latter case it is required two business - units to provide a competition between them. At last, separate business - unit will be in repair and building sphere.
heads business - units will be included into board of the Russian Open Society and will answer before its chairman first of all for a speed and quality of electroreform. We will remind that reform will lead to liquidation of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ not later than 2008. That is when under the Constitution Vladimir Putin should leave the post.
however analysts interested yesterday not only (and can, and it is not so much) the future of reform of the Russian Open Society. First of all they were disturbed by destiny of reformers: Anatoly Chubays and Alexander Voloshin. The chairman of the board has assured that concerning it to worry there is nothing. It does not gather where - or to leave up to Russian Open Society liquidation. Under data, at the president also is not present while other plans concerning Anatoly Chubays. As to Alexander Voloshin here again Anatoly Chubays has kept optimism. He has declared that in the nearest future to the chairman of board of directors of the Russian Open Society will give a constant office, and also will start to pay essential (according to the law on joint-stock companies and the Russian Open Society charter) compensation for execution of the duties.
the explanatory Here is necessary. Alexander Voloshin represents in board of directors of the majority shareholder - the state. While he headed the Kremlin administration, it was clear. For example, its former the first zam, and now the successor Dmitry Medvedev heads board of directors “ Gazprom “. However after resignation in the end of October of last year, besides proisshedshej not without scandal round YUKOS, the further political destiny of mister Voloshin and its role in the Russian Open Society began to cause questions.
As a rule, with similar otstavnikami escaped apparatchiki try to stop as soon as possible relations, anyway the official. But Anatoly Chubays almost in day of resignation of Alexander Voloshin from a post of the head of the Kremlin administration has suggested it to become the chairman of board of directors of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ on “ to a regular basis “ that is for money (usually the salary of officials in boards of directors is listed in the state budget). Alexander Voloshin has expressed to Anatoly Chubays gratitude, but did not hasten to accept this offer. It was necessary to receive blessing of the president. And before Anatoly Chubays`s yesterday`s revelation about Alexander Voloshin`s directorship full silence was stored. “ kind “ the president should be deserved still. On - visible, it it was possible to make to Alexander Voloshin.
Confirm, as after resignation it did not stop to be engaged in working out and realisation of pre-election strategy of the president, continued to participate in settlement of a situation round YUKOS and “ Sibneft “. It is rather probable, what not without its council Michael Kasyanov has been unexpectedly dismissed. Anyway, Alexander Voloshin, instead of Dmitry Kozaka or Herman Gref consider in the Kremlin as the ancestor of present reform of the power. In the beginning of 2001 Alexander Voloshin spoke about necessity of strengthening of a political role of ministers and about tupikovosti “ thin adjustment “ the governments on Kasyanov.
in night of a victory of the president on elections Alexander Voloshin has been noticed in its staff in unusual for it for last five years a kind: in jeans and a sweater. Probably, the president, itself was in a black polo-neck, remained is happy with informal activity of the former head of administration. And mister Voloshin at last has received a post.
However, occupies it it can no more than till 2008. But it is not too bad - the president also cannot remain sitting in the armchair longer this term. However, it is rather probable that to Alexander Voloshin will find other place even earlier. For example, gas natural monopoly.