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Surtax three ministers - Alexey Kudrin, Herman Gref and Michael Zurabov on joint a press will collect from volunteers

at a rate of 17 %

Yesterday - conferences spoke about the future taxes. After a train of elections decrease sotsnaloga has turned back a recognition of a failure of introduction of system of memory pensions. Now the future pensioners should save to themselves for pension.
we will remind, on the joint board which have taken place on March, 19th the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade declared end of working out of the final stage of tax reform. On four rather important questions for business following decisions are made: idea of the VAT - accounts to refuse, the differentiated tax to oil recovery not to enter, tax loading by oil industry workers to increase, the uniform social tax (unified social tax) to reduce. Last decision the most revolutionary. More precisely - counterrevolutionary. The matter is that within the limits of the program of decrease in unified social tax officials intend to brake pension reform and to offer citizens in addition to surtax voluntary to deduct to the state of 4 more % from the salary.
we will explain: sotsnaloga the ministries have suggested the government to lower the present basic rate with 35,6 to 26 %. It will be made at the expense of reduction of payments on base and memory parts of labour pension. From deductions on a base unit payments to present pensioners are now financed. Inevitably arising after decrease sotsnaloga the government promises to close deficiency of means of the Pension fund at the expense of the federal budget. eks - the head of fund, nowadays Minister of health and social development Michael Zurabov has promised yesterday that unified social tax decrease threatens today`s pensioners with nothing.
where the situation with a memory part of pensions is more difficult. Deductions on its financing are offered to be kept only for young citizens (more youngly 1967 year of birth). To citizens is more senior (1953 - 1967 of a birth) into which memory accounts employers now deduct 2 % from their salary, officials are ready to declare that on them money will not suffice. Their future pension will consist all of two parts: base (uniform for all and 600 rbl. equal now) And insurance (depending on the seniority).
it was planned that citizens should receive the first memory pensions in 2012. For their introduction the distributive pension system operating before has been broken. However, having faced the whole shaft of the problems which have arisen at investment of accumulation, and having counted the impressive sums necessary for payments in the first years of action of new system, officials have decided to give to pension reform a backing.
this decision now cynically co-ordinates with for a long time expected decrease uniform sotsnaloga. However the declared new scale of unified social tax has been offered by the Ministry of Finance to the government even last summer - out of any communication with pension reform. From giving of its Ministry of economic development and trade have now added only with one element. That as - that to console the citizens left the state without a memory part of pension, its financing is offered for making voluntary. That is besides 26 % sotsnaloga, paid by the employer, citizens can give 4 more % of the salary to the state voluntary - that in the future to receive pension more. Understanding that the average citizen not so trusting to the state, most likely, will refrain from such voluntary payment, officials intend to motivate it. To everyone who will pass on self-financing the pension, promise to add annually to the memory account not less than 2 thousand rbl.
Thus, at volunteers surtax will actually increase to 17 % (uniform for all of 13 % plus of pension payments of 4 %). And though ministers Alexey Kudrin and Herman Gref have once again promised to president Vladimir Putin an invariance of a flat scale of surtax, there are no guarantees of that in due course voluntary 17 - the interest rate does not become obligatory.