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Minister Fursenko not there has got


Yesterday on the All-Russia meeting of participants of competition the Teacher of year in St.-Petersburg new Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko has declared that a computerisation of schools and uniform state examination - not the main tasks of reform of formation. The main thing - to bring up free and happy people . However, as it to make, the new minister yet does not know.
yesterday in the morning in the Jusupovsky palace Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko and the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko welcomed participants of annual competition the Teacher of year . Action was solemnly opened by Matvienko`s madam. As she said, the new minister has not casually chosen a meeting of the best Russian teachers for the first public statement. it means that the teacher becomes the main subject of care of the new ministry - has encouraged gathered the governor. The formation future - is exclusive for teachers - mister Fursenko who has acted as trace has hastened to assure. Having thought suddenly, the minister has specified that responsibility that becomes with formation, too does not remove from itself. Also has immediately depicted this future: the developed economy based on knowledge . And knowledge, according to the minister, it that resource which is more difficult to extract, than oil and gas . Having got confused in prospects, mister Fursenko has passed to problems of reform of formation.
according to the head of department, before too much attention gave the Ministry of Education to a question how to learn children. a computerisation and Unified State Examination, - the minister has taken aback gathered, is not so important . He intends to bring other attention to the question teachers: to that and what for to learn. According to mister Fursenko, only thus it will be possible to bring up free and happy people . Mister Fursenko has answered a question of the correspondent how teachers will solve these problems that strategy still up to the end is not developed . At the same time, the minister has assured, the reforms begun by minister Filippovym will be continued, though and with some corrective amendments. Changes will concern, for example, maintenances of uniform graduation examinations.
however before to start reform, Andrey Fursenko intends to reduce the device of the Ministry of Education and Science considerably. As it was possible to find out, reduction will not concern eks - minister Vladimir Filippova to whom designate a post of the first deputy of the head of department. Mister Fursenko has confirmed that very much counts on Vladimir Filippova`s help though the order on its appointment is not signed yet. personnel questions will be solved, most likely, by the end of this week - Andrey Fursenko has informed.
In conversation end the new minister has confidentially informed journalists that would like to head not the Ministry of Education and Science, and department on innovative development. so to name would be more correct, because the formed people should provide new economy of the new country - the minister has tried to explain. However, participants of a meeting dispersed from proof sensation that the new minister all - taki dreamt to supervise over absolutely other department.