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Sofia Golovkin

the obituary

on 89 has died on February, 17th - m to year of life the national actress of the USSR, the teacher of classical dance Sofia Nikolaevna Golovkin has died. 41 year she stretch headed the Moscow academy of a choreography.
after the Moscow choreographic school Sofia Golovkin has worked of 30 years in Big, danced Odettu, Svanildu, Rajmondu. But its original glory waited in a pedagogical field. 45 - the summer ballerina Big has headed the Moscow choreographic school right after an exit on creative pension, having replaced with this post of great theatrical figure Michael Gabovicha. It is possible to consider 1960 year the big crisis : from this point on the Moscow school began to turn in school Golovkinoj .
the Ambitious woman with iron character, huge energy and high communications, Sofia Golovkin has had time to make everything that wanted. The monument of its works - a magnificent building of new school with the magnificent educational theatre, twenty rehearsal halls, two tens musical classes and a boarding school on three hundreds places - has appeared in seven years after its appointment.
grand daughters of the Soviet officials were the main resource of influence of Sofia Golovkinoj on a post of the head of choreographic school. It was the epoch when faience dolls - baletnitsy lay in a pose of the Dying swan on a regiment almost in each Soviet family, ballet stars the population named as children, on names (Katya, Volodja, the Maya), and crowds of girls conducted in the MOVE if and not to study as the actress though to correct a bearing. A chain gold children were opened by Ekaterina Furtsevoj`s grand daughter. Tender embraces to the MOVE did not pass Yury Antropov, Michael Gorbachev`s grand daughter and many other figures a rank less.
Sofia Golovkinoj`s Power was stretched far beyond school. When, entering a post of the artistic director GABTa, Vladimir Vasilev allocated with the broadest powers has carelessly declared that reforms should be begun with school, 80 - the summer head mistress has managed to reject worthy pressure: a dangerous theme any more did not mention, and Big it was necessary to occupy in the performances of pupils of private studios. But the school began to be called as academy, and Sofia Golovkin - the rector.
in 2001 under pressing Big and Minkulta to it all - taki was necessary to retire. After that her already blamed already almost in all successively: in disorder of the Moscow ballet school, in bad training of dancers of the Bolshoi theatre, in emigration of leading teachers. It could not oppose anything to charges, except a simple reason that time in which it supervised to the MOVE, at all was not time of heroes.
but till last days Sofia Golovkinoj had a reputation of the person which would find a way all to settle at any chances of success. To estimate a situation. To involve communications. To call whom it is necessary. Correctly about all to talk. To press. To promise. It was eternal. Therefore now about it speak perplexed: has died, strangely enough.
funeral will take place on Saturday, on February, 21st, on the Vagankovsky cemetery.