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Citizens of Kazan have extinguished the Spark

the championship of Russia on volleyball

Was defined last semifinalist of the man`s championship of Russia on volleyball. The main sensation of a season - the beginner of the Superleague Kazan " became them; the Dynamo in a decisive match 1/ 4 endings beaten Odintsovo the Spark with the account 3:2.
In three of four series of a starting round play - off as, however, also it was expected, struggle it has not turned out. the locomotive - Belogore has crushed in two matches Baltic Moscow the Dynamo - ZKS - Gazprom and the Beam in a reciprocal meeting took nevertheless one party at the Locomotive - the Emerald but on bolshee commands have not sufficed. In respect of a class opponents in these steams were too different.
but in the fourth struggle was - and what! a spark - by the way, the participant the Ending of four Leagues of champions which will pass during coming week-end in Belgorod, - the first match in the Odintsov has won on thaw - a break. In Kazan volleyball players situated near Moscow quite could move on sets 2:0 and then dinamovtsam, probably, it would be already difficult to escape. In the second set which, probably, became defining, on Alexander Bogomolova`s giving odintsovtsy have extracted five points in succession and have almost evened up scores - 21:22. But owners at whom the well-known veterans Dmitry Fomin and Ruslan Olihver, and also Brazilian Kleber, as usual, were allocated, in an ending have defended a victory. Also have achieved all - taki crisis.
on Sunday in Odintsov the decisive match was played. And again it is clear nothing. In the two first sets there were no transfers and firm power giving at binding Sparks Arhipov`s Novel. But at Ruslana Olihvera and Klebera in attack it turned out very many. In following two parties, on the contrary, already odintsovtsy owned the initiative and, appear, the contender have broken. The impression was erroneous as on thaw - a break the Dynamo at once has broken away and to liquidate to its owners has not allowed. So the beginner of an elite battalion has straight off stolen up to medals.
to the ending, of course, to citizens of Kazan to get hardly it will be possible: in a following round it has dropped out to play with the strongest team of Europe - the Locomotive - Belogore . Actually, the instructor dinamovtsev Victor Sidelnikov after a match in Odintsov has frankly enough declared: for this season we have already executed the Problem, for the first time having won for Kazan the permit in Euro cups. And with ` Belogorem ` we will play for fans .
But with the second semi-final it is clear nothing. If to take only names, Moscow the Dynamo with the two superlegionaries Serb Vladimir Grbichom and Frenchman Dominikom Dakenom, volleyball players of Russian national team Konstantin Ushakov, Tarasom Hteem, Maxim Tereshinym would look like more feasible uraltsev. However The locomotive - the Emerald has, in - the first, extremely played structure which in this season without problems has joined (and, certainly, Alexander Gerasims who has come back from Italy, and in - the second, advantage of the platform has strengthened it). In play - off at other equal it, as it is known, becomes frequent the key factor.