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Milan the League of champions

will revenge Today for Juventus

will pass two first chetvertfinalnyh a match of League of champions. In one pair there is an obvious favourite is the winner of last year`s draw Milan meeting with Deportivo. In other match of the favourite is not present: chances Porto and Lyon are approximately equal.
Milan - Deportivo. Chances milantsev are, of course, represented by much more solid both to bookmakers, and fans, and experts. on - to mine, we have proved that have typed the excellent form - Andrey Shevchenko after a return match 1/ 8 endings in which Milan has crushed Sparta with the account 4:1 has told. Since then milantsy as a whole, their most dangerous player obviously have not lost the form. On a foreign field they have convincingly got the best - 3:1 - over Juventus, with the same account have beaten on Saturday Parma. Andrey Shevchenko hammers constantly: on its account already 19 goals in the championship. In general all is good.
There is, certainly, a fear that struggle for a victory on two fronts - in internal superiority and in League of champions - will take away at once too many forces as was last year when Milan has conceded Skudetto Juventus. But while these fears do not justify. And the vice-president of club Adriano Galliani reminds that in the past inter-season period the command has knowingly amplified a number of players: Juseppes Pankaro, Kafu, Kaka have already joined the basic structure and left for key roles. Longer and qualitative, rather than in the previous season, the bench allows to spend regular rotation of structure and to give from time to time rest to leaders. Here, let us assume, Filippo Indzagi has not taken part in the same meeting with Parma - and anything: Jon Dal Tomasson which have hammered in two goals, has quite successfully replaced the Italian. A problem, in essence, one: from - for hip traumas Alessandro of not Hundred, the main figure in the defence centre will not play in Milan. But the qualified defenders in Milan suffices.
However, complacencies in a camp milantsev on the eve of a quarterfinal, certainly, it is not observed. All of them saw, how Deportivo in the previous round has beaten out Juventus, having won a victory in both matches. All perfectly know, what is the inconvenient opponent.
first of all instructor Deportivo Javier Irureta - the most experienced trainer and magnificent tactics. At its order there is excellent played line of defence and able to be protected against stars of any scale (let quite often and with application dirty receptions) halfbacks Aldo Dusher, Mauro Silva. And still Deportivo very much likes to play counterattacks as, most likely, he and should play with Milan. To organise and finish these attacks at club from La - Koruni are capable both Juan Carlos Valeron, and Diego Tristan, and Walter Pandiani.
In last round of Spanish championship Deportivo has beaten one of outsiders, Murcia. Has beaten with the modest account 1:0, but it in general - that about what does not speak. Carefully, without aspiring to knock down the contender, but and without allowing that much at the gate, Deportivo plays with all: both with outsiders, and with grandees.
average quotations of bookmakers:
1,61 - 3,30 - 5,00.
On an exit in 1/ 2 endings: 1,53 - 2,37.
Porto - Lyon. Both commands prepared for this opposition which promises to be rather persistent, with good mood. Porto has passed the past round of the Portuguese championship in which confidently is in the lead. Last match the command has played one week ago, having won a semi-final of the Cup of country Braga with the account 3:1. Het - trik in that meeting Lithuanian Edgaras Jankauskas has made, and is not excluded that this powerful forward will receive a place and in the basic structure on a match against Lyon. Then stars Porto - to the Deck, Dmitry Alenichev, Benn McCart, Koshtinja - had a rest.
Lyon in the meantime has led extremely important match in the championship against Nantes and thanks to a victory with the account 1:0 has outstripped in standings (truth, only on a difference of balls) Monaco. Have a little disturbed the Lyons fans strange statements of the author of the only goal in game of Dzhovani Elbera. The Brazilian sniper has suddenly started to speak: he regrets that last year has exchanged Bayern and a Bundesliga for France, and misses German football. But passions round the forward on whom in game Lyon much now depends, have quickly settled.
and in general, all football players of a command underline: all their thoughts today only about Porto. The impression is made even that Frenchmen are rather afraid of the owner of Cup UEFA which has given out a number of bright matches and in this season a little. Here, for example, that defender Anthon Revejer has told concerning a forthcoming quarterfinal: the Club which has beaten out from League of champions Manchester United, cannot be bad. Football players Porto when it allow to own a ball are especially good - with it they address extremely . Nevertheless on a question, what chances of contenders, the player has answered: 50 on 50 . However, the majority of experts adheres to such opinion also.
average quotations of bookmakers:
1,80 - 3,10 - 4,00.
On an exit in 1/ 2 endings: 1,72 - 2,00.