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Georgia will start up Russia in the WTO

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Parliament of Georgia has made the sign decision: the question on stay of action of the parliamentary decision forbidding to executive power of Georgia to support aspiration of Russia to access to WTO is brought in the agenda.
the matter is that, according to the charter, the candidate for members of the WTO is obliged to carry out separate consultations of each country entering into this organisation. And the final decision is accepted by a consensus of full members of the organisation. Georgia became the full member of the WTO in 1999. Last year the opposition has accused Edward Shevardnadze of excessive compliance of Russia and the special decision of parliament has strictly forbidden to support Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization until Moscow will not close the border with unrecognized republic South Ossetia. The Georgian deputies then declared that from Russia through South Ossetia which is not supervised by the central authorities, to Georgia illicit production is delivered.
however present president Michael Saakashvili, most likely, understands that similar actions do not improve Russian - the Georgian relations. He intends to follow the Moscow arrangements with Vladimir Putin according to whom the parties should aspire to removal of artificial barriers on a way to cooperation. Therefore it is possible to assume that unlike the predecessor Michael Saakashvili will manage to break resistance of supporters of a confrontational line in mutual relations with Moscow and to convince deputies to suspend (as a matter of fact, to cancel) the decision which is not allowing Georgia to vote for Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization. It is necessary to underline that Michael Saakashvili and its supporters had no relation to the last year`s rigid decision of parliament.