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Roger Federer has got on distribution of whales


the Outcome of large tennis tournament in American Indian - Wells it has turned out more than natural. Both first rackets of the world - Roger Federer and Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness - in the ending have not given to the contenders uniform chance of a victory.
Roger Federer on a way to the ending smashed all who only came across under a hand, despite of regalia. For all tournament the Swiss has lost only two games on the giving. And only once has given a set - in a semifinal match against Andre Agassi. However, there were fears that in a solving meeting the first racket of the world should be beaten. After all in contenders it managed Tim Henmen. The British from seven previous internal duels with Roger Federer has won six. It is the only thing it was possible to whom to win the Swiss this season. In general, all preconditions to that game will be strained, were.
and there was all just what isn`t needed. Roger Federer has understood with Timom Henmenom in any 65 minutes, having shown game in which even the most meticulous expert will not find defects. Only five not compelled errors for a match, any double, terrible percent of hit from the first giving. Tim Henmen on all these indicators has appeared far behind. Only not compelled mistakes it has admitted 19. And making a break, and could not dream - Roger Federer has not given uniform chance.
that here you will tell! I - that thought that I am in such form that in a condition to beat everybody. But to the Physiognomy has again proved, what exactly it the best in the world, - has told after a match of Tim Henmen. - Tennis which it shows, is marvellously balanced. Plus it is very fast. It is possible to beat out, say, it from an advantage-ground but if any other tennis player after that has not time to return into place he is in time. And still, of course, its giving is the most powerful trump. It does not do much ejsov, but submits powerfully enough and surprisingly precisely .
That to the winner it simply shone at rewarding ceremony, telling about how it is glad to a prize: These victories, the first place in a rating, everything that occurs round me, - things which cannot be overestimated. I lead marvellously sated and interesting life. More interesting, than I could when - or to present . A little even has joked concerning the trophy handed over to it. Taking in hands a figurine representing a female of a whale with a cub, Roger Federer has noticed: Juliette will be jealous. It at me the lady in general - that whimsical . It it about 800 - the kilogramme cow, the Federation of tennis of Switzerland presented to it after its victory on Wimbledon last year.
not less happy looked after the victory and Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness. To it, as well as Roger Federer, was not necessary to strain especially to win tournament. In a final in which the Belgian tennis-player was resisted by Linsi Devenport, all from the very beginning developed in its advantage. The American should give due - she tried. But it is vain. And that it could do against the competitor surpassing her in all respects. Unless in a meeting ending when all already, appear, has been solved, Linsi Devenport has a little come to the senses and has played more feasibly. In a solving game it has won back four match - bola, and be hardly povezuchee, can, and would manage to hold on a little more. But Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness such chance to it has not given.