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TUI the tourism industry

the representative of the world`s largest travel agency - German TUI has decided to come Yesterday

on the Russian market of travel
- named exit terms on the Russian tourist market. It is a question of the next months. Newspaper Handelsblatt named prospective partner TUI in Russia - company Mosc Travel. Experts of the market are assured that it is a question of tour operator mostravel . Other participants of the tourist`s market are assured that TUI will enter the Russian market at once with several partners.
group TUI AG (till 2002 Preussag AG) - the leader of the world tourist market. Except tour operators its structure includes airlines and hotels in 30 countries of the world. Annual turnover TUI makes nearby 22,4 billion Its services annually use about 22 million tourists. Active negotiations with the Russian tour operators TUI conducts three years.
Referring to a press - secretary TUI of Mario Kepersa Handelsblatt informs that the German group puts before itself the purpose in first half of this year to enter the Russian market . According to mister Kepersa, the negotiations suspended one year ago about an exit on the Russian market are renewed - they are conducted with several largest Russian tour operators. Representative TUI has noted: the Concrete model of cooperation is not developed yet .
Sources of the German newspaper in TUI do not exclude that in the Russian market the group will work with several tour operators. As the potential partner one company - Mosc Travel is called only.
Experts of the tourist`s market are assured that means mostravel because about Mosc Travel nobody heard.
the company mostravel it is created in 1996. The basic founder - Turkish travel agency Turtess: Mehmet Ak, the general director mostravel Simultaneously is president Turtess. mostravel specialises on sending of the Russian tourists to Turkey and Egypt. In a service rating Banquo following the results of 2003 takes the fourth place among tour operators on these countries. By estimations of participants of the tourist`s market, last year mostravel has served more than 100 thousand tourists. Considering that average cost of round to Turkey and Egypt makes about $350, they estimate a turn mostravel a minimum in $35 million
In TUI the information on a fast exit on the Russian tourist`s market have confirmed. Mario Kepers has specified that it will occur by the end of July of this year: We are at a definitive stage of exploratory talk with local partners . The fact of negotiations with mostravel mister Kepers has refused to confirm.
a management mostravel the fact of negotiations also denies. The commercial director of company Rabson Mamedov to whom has addressed, with TUI has denied the information on the transaction, but has noticed that some time ago its company really carried on negotiations with TUI.
Meanwhile the information on sale TUI of a large share holding mostravel recently it was actively discussed by participants of the tourist`s market. I heard informal messages on this transaction repeatedly - the head of the company " speaks; Pegas turistik the Ramazan of Akpynar. As he said, in the environment of Turkish tour operators said that concern TUI has got an order 25 - 30 % of actions mostravel . TUI meaningly have gone on purchase of the company of the second echelon, - mister Akpynar considers. - Leaders of the market cost more expensive, besides TUI it would be more difficult to reconstruct work of such company according to the requirements . According to head of one of large Russian travel agencies, the sum of transaction has hardly exceeded $1 million
Among the companies with which TUI carries on negotiations, mostravel till now did not appear. Participants of the market considered as the most probable partner of concern the company the Tourist`s alliance - holding . According to a management the Tourist`s alliance if purchase TUI of a share holding mostravel has really taken place, it does not mean that the group will be limited to one partner. anyway our negotiations with TUI proceed, - the councillor of directors of the company ` tells the Tourist`s alliance - holding ` Igor Korepanov. - TUI never said that will buy one Russian travel agency. On the contrary, practice shows that on this or that market the group carries out an exit by means of several partners .
Participants of the tourist`s market ambiguously estimate prospects of work TUI in Russia. ` Mostravel ` - the stable company, by means of TUI for a year they can double the volumes - the chairman of board of directors of a network of tourist agencies " marks; Shop of burning permits Andrey Ozolin. During from a year till three years TUI here leaves in leaders - predicts Ramazan Akpynar from Pegas turistik . If the information that TUI buys no more than 25 - 30 % of actions ` Mostravel `, is true, it means that Germans intend to probe the Russian tourist`s market, - the commercial director of the company ` believes Tez round ` Alexander Burtin. - There is a number of the European countries which TUI and did not manage to be won. So, in France and in Holland group expansion has ended with failure .