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Gennady Shipulin: sports victories is a happiness and well-being of Russia


On Sunday a Russian team the Locomotive - Belogore the second consecutive time has won volleyball League of champions. Last year she has won Milan, now - in native Belgorod. Right after a final Belogorja with the Spark with the head coach and the president of the best club of Europe GENNADY SHIPULINYM correspondent ALEXEY - the ARMOUR has had a talk.
- it is interesting, and that to you as to the president and the instructor of club, it was easier: to organise at high level the Ending of four Leagues of champions or to win it? Simply it seemed that in one of six parties of tournament your command of problems has not tested...
- the Complicated question... And all - taki I will tell, it was more difficult what to play. We gold, it is possible to tell, have covered a palace Space Have enclosed a heap of forces and means for arena reconstruction, in general in this tournament. Also represent that would be, if it have not won! Represent, what price of an error and responsibility was!
- as a result it was possible to solve to you in parallel with identical success everything so we will tell, organizational and purely game questions. Admit, whether was fears, what, despite thorough training, on a platform something can not turn out?
- I have a principle: to believe that the victory has taken place how there were matches, only after last whistle of the judge. The destiny of the sportsman, the trainer is too artful. Remember the ending of female volleyball tournament of the Olympic Games in Seoul? Our female national team hopelessly like would lose to Peruvians, and has then broken a match course. And such examples in the history of sports - weight. Difficulties can arise for no reason.
- by the way, about difficulties. On - to mine, on the threshold of the Ending of four They at Belogorja should be - well at least from - for shortages of game practice.
- to tell More precisely, from - for infringements of a game tone. Between final our game in the regular championship and chetvertfinalnoj a series play - off c Baltic there were three weeks. These are three weeks of idle time. I feel that when so long I do not spend training, I lose this tone. What here to speak about players... So it is no wonder that in the first match with pitertsami we looked not ideally. But, fortunately, the form managed to be typed quickly. And a spirit... The spirit could not be bad. Played after all houses, for the fans.
- five players Belogorja have received following the results of the Ending of four individual prizes. Pablo Meana is recognised the best libero, Sergey Baranov - the best by attacking, Alexey Kuleshov - the best blocking, Alexander Kosarev - the best on giving, Andrey Egorchev - the most valuable volleyball player. And whom from them you personally especially would note?
- I would note nobody. Here you have listed five players. But after all were worthy, you see, awards and Sergey Tetjuhin, and Vadim Hamuttsky. All command that is called, played.
- many experts say that the structure of the final four has turned out not such what, whether that, should be, considering an objective alignment of forces in the European club volleyball. You with it agree?
- And unless the Spark say, has passed in the Ending of four not on game? Or Tours - a bad command? Though, if it is fair, I too did not expect that quarterfinals will not pass Italian Sisley and French Paris Volley - two strong, well completed clubs. Thought that will be in play - off and one more command from Italy - Macerata from which we played to one group at a preliminary stage.
- and as speak, have unhooked it in order that in a quarterfinal left Iraklis...
- Know, when Macerata has lost us the second match in Italy, a fatal match for it, Italians on us hardly with fists have not snatched. Said that we ostensibly specially have conceded before Iraklis. But after all Belogore - base club of a national team, and we have gone to Greece right after the Olympic qualifying tournament in Leipzig. Tired to death! Naturally, in such situation I should allow to have a rest to some basic players. And then, Macerata in general - that it is guilty. Italians have forgotten that have twice lost to Greeks.
- how much full information on contenders the day before the Ending of four you possessed?
- very detailed. Went to France and to Italy on matches Tour c Sisley. Studied, as plays the Spark with which to us in the championship of Russia from - for new draw systems in this season to meet and it was not possible. On Iraklis, clearly, there was the most detailed material on the basis of two our meetings with it at a preliminary stage.
- has amazed scope of celebratings concerning your second victory in League: not leaving a palace after the ending with the Spark within more hour fans, salute, then - celebrations in the street... You, tell frankly, assumed, what deliver such pleasure to Belgorod?
- Yes it was simply confident it! Because sports victories is a happiness and well-being of Russia.
- on Saturday semifinal series play - off the championship of Russia begin. Whether it will be heavy after so important victory to adjust a command on games of internal superiority? It, whatever one may do, not League of champions...
- would not tell that simple matches are coming us. I will remind that Kazan the Dynamo with which Belogorju to play, has beaten out in a quarterfinal not somebody, and the Spark . My volleyball players as it seems to me, understand it. Though, certainly, at once, for couple of days to be switched from one tournament in another anyway it is heavy.