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66 years to actor Alexander Zbruevu
It Today are executed the actor Alexander Lazarev - younger congratulates:
- Dear Alexander Viktorovich, I wish you happy birthday, I wish first of all health you, your family and relatives. Let will be less anxieties and alarms, it is more than pleasure and happiness. It is grateful to you, you know for what. Also I will be always grateful. Yours faithfully and love your Sasha Lazarev.

56 years to actor Vladimir Vinokuru
It Today are executed the writer Arcady Arkanov congratulates:
- I know Volodju for a long time. Has paid to it attention when it was still young enough actor brilliantly executing parodies. Then it seemed to me that it is the actor bolshego scale, and I have suggested it to make a solo performance. It has accepted the offer, has believed. So there was a performance There is one I . I was its author, and the director - Alexander Shirvindt. I think that the present blossoming of Volodi has begun after that. Today in Russia already there is no person who would not know, who such Vinokur. I want, that it was always and that the roof has not driven off from this wide popularity at it. But I am convinced that it the normal person and such does not threaten it. Always I remain its friend. And he knows that I wish it.
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