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The owner of YUKOS has run away

Death of director Group MENATEP is confirmed officially

Yesterday law enforcement bodies of a county Dorset (Great Britain) have confirmed officially that the unique passenger of helicopter Augusta - 109, the Bornmutsky airport which has broken on March, 3rd in vicinities, was Stephen Curtis, the operating director Group MENATEP, the largest shareholder NK YUKOS. According to shareholders Group MENATEP and members of its supervisory board, the place of the head of the company while remains vacant. But, as it was possible to find out, to operate the company the citizen of Russia Vladimir Moiseyev whom the State Office of Public Prosecutor named " has a just cause; the head of financial streams of YUKOS abroad “ but yet has not put on the wanted list.
yesterday koroner Bournemouth, the Pool and East Dorset sheriff Pejn has announced investigation conclusions on the air crash which has happened on March, 3rd. As he said, “ The analysis of DNA of remains has shown that bodies belong to Stephen Lengfordu Curtis, 45 years, and Matthew Lloyd Curtis, to the pilot, 34 years which have died instantly of plural damages “. Thus, the authorities of Great Britain officially recognised  destruction of the head of company Group MENATEP to which posesses 44,1 % of actions NK YUKOS. The company declared  destruction of the head still on March, 4th (see from March, 6th).
Yesterday Companies House Gibraltar Ltd (conducts registers of shareholders of all companies registered in Gibraltar) has given the list of all directors and managers Group MENATEP. It is made on November, 10th last year by the secretarial company Steadfast Corporate Services, running business Group MENATEP in a place of its registration. On it, all management structure Group MENATEP consists of two directors - Stephen Curtis and Vladimir Moiseyev. Any updatings of this list after November, 10th in Companies House Gibraltar did not arrive, therefore now Vladimir Moiseyev is the only thing who has the right to operate Group MENATEP.
Mister Moiseyev the largest private shareholder Group MENATEP Michael Khodorkovsky earlier publicly named the schoolmate. We will notice that on October, 3rd the State Office of Public Prosecutor within the limits of YUKOS business has searched Vladimir Moiseyev`s house in settlement Zhukovka (there there are cottages a top - managers of the company), and in its official statement was said that it is “ the head of financial streams of YUKOS abroad “. By data, the State Office of Public Prosecutor caused Vladimir Moiseyev on interrogation on the business connected with evasion from payment of taxes of co-owners Group MENATEP, but to interrogate it and could not in connection with its absence (it is outside of Russia).
the State Office of Public Prosecutor considers that in the scheme of leaving from taxes firm Hinchley Ltd registered on isle of Man was used, mister Moiseyev was no time one of which directors. He also headed the Russian representation entering in Group MENATEP companies GML Management Services (its office also is in Zhukovka and has been searched on October, 3rd). Yesterday it was not possible to receive comments both from Vladimir Moiseyev, and from representative Group MENATEP in Russia Yury Kotler and its representative in Great Britain Maria Lavrovoj.
has addressed for comments to shareholders Group MENATEP. Leonid Nevzlin who posesses 8 % of actions of this company, has refused flatly to talk about Group MENATEP. Michael Brudno, the owner of its actions of 7 %, has declared: “ As far as I know, Vladimir Moiseyev does not accept participation in management of the company “. Mister Brudno also has noticed that, on its information, now the company nobody heads, and has expressed hope that “ supervisory board Group MENATEP (four persons enter into it. - ) in the near future will gather and will choose its new director “.
One of members of supervisory board Group MENATEP is Mardzheri Kraus, the head of American consulting company APCO Worldwide. Yesterday madam Kraus through the representative has told that formal head Group MENATEP is not appointed yet, no less than Stephen Curtis`s successor. However representative Mardzheri Kraus has declared that in Group MENATEP “ there are many people who can carry out supervising functions “ without waiting appointments of the new director. On a question that it for people and whether is one of them Vladimir Moiseyev, he has refused to answer.
will watch personnel appointments in Group MENATEP.