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In the face of terror

Islam Karimov blames Tashkent in all powers of darkness
the terrorism

in suburb of Tashkent has thundered Yesterday new explosion. During special action the group of terrorists by number to 20 persons has been destroyed. Under not confirmed information, in Uzbekistan other acts of terrorism prepared also. The country authorities hastily strengthen control measures on border and prepare for scale approach to Islamic opposition.

fight in suburb of Tashkent
has not had time to come to the senses Tashkent after acts of terrorism of Monday as the city and all country were shaken by new rough events. Yesterday morning has again begun with explosion.
about eight o`clock in the morning the driver of a motor vehicle of Daewoo Tico, going from area towards Tashkent, has not obeyed to requirements of employees of GAI and has not stopped on a car inspection post in Kibrajsky area in 15 km from capital of Uzbekistan. After the infringer some cars with soldiers by whom after acts of terrorism of Monday all posts of GAI have been strengthened have there and then rushed. Obviously, having understood what to leave from prosecution it will not be possible, the driver has stopped Daewoo and has jumped out of the car. Explosion was there and then distributed. Some police officers have got wounds.
after car with an explosive one more car with the armed insurgents went. Right after explosion they have opened fire on police officers. Firing proceeded some minutes then insurgents have occupied one of private houses in a nearby inhabited file of Jalangach, having expelled therefrom tenants. To an incident place the OMON and special troops of Service of national safety have been pulled together. After two hours of a siege which was accompanied by explosions and intensive shooting, military men have undertaken house storm. At storm the armour was applied.
according to representatives of the special services, all terrorists have been killed. It has been thus established that three from them are involved in attacks on police officers in the night from Sunday to Monday. Near to bodies of terrorists the government-issue weapon belonging to three militiamen which has lost the day before was revealed. At storm three militiamen were lost. Five have got wounds and have been delivered in one of the Tashkent hospitals. According to doctors, the condition of wounded men does not represent threat for their life.
information blockade
During all yesterday arrived the inconsistent information. So, data on number of terrorists constantly changed. According to some information, in blown up by Daewoo one went not, and two terrorists - the kamikaze. News agencies result also the inconsistent data about a death toll: at first it was informed that in the besieged house 8 persons have been killed, then - that there has been killed or 16: 11 men and 5 women have undermined themselves. In the evening in an official statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Uzbek television the definitive official figure has sounded: 20 killed terrorists and 3 militiamen.
also it is not clear, what object terrorists were going to blow up. According to local agents of national security, terrorists hoped that on small Daewoo nobody will pay attention, and wanted to blow up the car where - nibud in populous city centre. In particular, police officers do not exclude that the building of embassy of the USA could become the purpose of terrorists.
other version is connected with that fact that nearby to a place of events there is Islam Karimov`s country president residence Durmen . However, according to employees of residence, it is protected rather carefully.
there is also more ominous version: nearby to a place of events there is an Institute of nuclear physics AN of Uzbekistan where there is a research nuclear reactor capacity 10 MVt and a nuclear waste is stored. But, according to employees of institute to blow up the reactor it is almost impossible, as its protection is carried out on all accepted norms of safety. Besides after explosions on March, 29th institute protection has been repeatedly strengthened, and the settlement in which it is, is almost completely blocked.
during all yesterday the unchecked information on other perfect or prevented acts of terrorism arrived. Spoke, in particular, about explosion of a minibus near to a dam of the Charvaksky water basin near Tashkent. Any details concerning this incident officially it is not informed. The water basin, the so-called Charvaksky sea, is strategic object, and in case of blasting of a dam water completely would flood the Uzbek capital.
under other data, one more explosion has occurred near telephone exchange on severo - the east of Tashkent. It was informed and that at entrance to a city one more car in which were " has been detained; Belts of shahids . The driver has rendered armed resistance, has killed one of militiamen and has been shot on a place.
in the evening agency ITAR - the TASS has informed that in an inhabited file of Jalangach one more suicide bomber has undermined itself. But the Ministry of Internal Affairs practically has denied at once messages on new acts of terrorism, having declared that does not make comments various fabrications of journalists .
Discrepancy and scarcity of the authentic data against an abundance of various hearings partly speak that official Tashkent has almost completely blocked to journalists access to the information. On the Uzbek television yesterday all the day long repeated the reference of the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, made the day before (by the way, till now it is precisely not known where there is a president): The initial conclusion consists in evidence of that these destructive actions are made by powers of darkness, which not to liking independence of our country, peace life of the people, the reached successes. The aims to commit breach of the peace in the country are thus pursued, to destabilise a situation, to sow in souls of people alarm, fear and a panic, to undermine trust to the policy spent today in Uzbekistan, to prevent our kind thoughts and creative work. Other line of perfect crimes is that before at us cases when criminals blew up themselves were not observed, becoming a cause of death of innocent people. It can be estimated as repetition of the terrorist actions which were taking place in some foreign countries .
the Enemy will not pass!
law enforcement bodies strengthen protection of capital of Uzbekistan. All departures from Tashkent bus service to the regional and regional centres is blocked, interrupted, under the strengthened protection with use of heavy combat material all strategic objects are taken, all markets are closed. The militia spends careful examination of all suspicious cars and passers-by. However, streets of the Uzbek capital and without that are deserted, people try without special need from the house not to leave. However the panic in a city is not present: many inhabitants are assured that actions of extremists are directed not against the peace population, and against militia and other power structures.
the strengthened measures and on protection of external borders of the country are taken. As has given yesterday management of the information the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, the Uzbek party without an explanation of the official reasons has blocked border between two countries. On information, the Uzbek consulates in the neighbouring countries having a visa regime of entrance and departure with Uzbekistan, have stopped issue of visas even that who has relatives in Uzbekistan.
the Strengthened security measures are accepted and in neighbouring countries. Right after messages on acts of terrorism on the strengthened mode of performance of duty have been translated on March, 29th frontier guards in Southern - the Kazakhstan area and in Kirghizia. Strengthening of security measures have declared also the authorities of Tajikistan.
while any extremist organisation has not incurred responsibility for acts of terrorism. But in statements of officials two more often are mentioned - party Hizb - ut - Tahrir and Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (I go, recently renamed into Islamic party of Turkestan). Charge in " address; Hizb - ut - Tahrir on Monday the public prosecutor of Uzbekistan Rashid Kadyrov has put forward. However yesterday in London the official representative of this organisation Imran Vahid forbidden in Uzbekistan has rejected any participation of the party in acts of terrorism, having declared that Hizb - ut - Tahrir does not undertake violence actions, it is not involved in terrorism or the armed struggle.
Despite charges from the Uzbek authorities for a long time achieving from US State department inclusion Hizb - ut - Tahrir in the list of the terrorist organisations, this party, unlike I go, earlier really has not been noticed in terrorist activity. In this connection observers do not exclude that present acts of terrorism became a convenient occasion to toughening of reprisals against any opposition.