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The Ivanovo programmer has corrected results of elections

Yesterday the chairman of election committee of the Ivanovo area Evgenie Glazkov has informed journalists that at data processing about voting on March, 14th in the second-large city of area to Kineshma there was a technical error. One of system administrators of electoral committee who was sick and worked with high temperature, at information input in GAS Elections has underestimated on 3 thousand persons number of the voters attributed to several sites of a city. From - for it the share voted on these sites has appeared the general appearance of voters on a city is overestimated also has made more than 50 %. However after manual counting of votes it was found out that in Kineshma has voted less than half of voters. The general appearance on area has been corrected and as a result has decreased from 53,6 % to 53,3 %. However, even before this specification the Ivanovo area was included into a three of regions with the lowest appearance on presidential election. Under the information, after revealing of an error of the guilty employee were going to dismiss, but were limited to removal of strict reprimand.