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The Russian economy will be ruined by AIDS

If on struggle against an infection there is no business - elite
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Yesterday in Moscow has passed the transatlantic summit of representatives of business and the labour organisations on AIDS problems. Businessmen have come to a conclusion that if they immediately will not take measures soon AIDS will be amazed almost with all able-bodied population of the country and the purpose put by the president before the country - to double gross national product by the end of decade, - it will appear unattainable. Nevertheless the gathered have decided to wait for a signal from the state: while AIDS will not be recognised by national tragedy, business will undertake nothing.
in the beginning participants of the summit have heard the text of the greeting sent first vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov. In it, in particular, it was specified that AIDS was beyond for a long time a medical problem also became a question of strategic and economic safety of a society . Then the chairman of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) Arcady Volsky has acquainted present with the data of Ministry of Health according to which in Russia today about 270 thousand persons are HIV carriers. and it only the official data, - was underlined by him. - by estimations of the western experts, it is real at us 1 - 2 million patients, 80 % from which - able-bodied men at the age of 17 - 25 years . And, as it was found out, businessmen are disturbed seriously by that sum which the state intends to spend for struggle against AIDS. the next five years for these purposes from the federal budget it is planned to spend more than 2,5 mlrd roubles. And after all this money could be invested in country development - mister Volsky has with anxiety noted. Present with understanding zakivali.
After a number of performances businessmen have come to a conclusion that if they immediately will not interfere, soon AIDS will amaze almost all able-bodied population of the country and a manpower will not suffice for performance of the main decree of president Putin - to double gross national product by the end of decade . the President has put also one more problem: now in Russia of 25 % poor, and in three their years should be no more than 10 %, - the first deputy minister of public health services and social development Evgenie Gontmaher has interfered. - And if people all money spends for medicines for AIDS, the number of the poor will grow only . Mister Gontmaher has referred to own knowledge of life: I went recently to Zambia. Mortuaries there work even at night because AIDS mows the population " literally;. Its story has forced going to reflect. And businessmen have decided to take a situation in hand.
However it was there and then found out what immediately enter fight with AIDS representatives of the world of the capital cannot. business concerns AIDS problem absolutely indifferently, - the vice-president of Alpha bank Oleg Sysuyev has declared. - because the state does not consider it as national tragedy. And while it does not recognise AIDS as national tragedy, business will undertake nothing .
Business, certainly, is ready to support sick of AIDS, but it is necessary for us more information. After all businessmen at all do not know, when at us the World day of struggle against AIDS - the head of department of social policy RSPP Feodor Prokopov has supported the colleague.
As a result the gathered have agreed in opinion what participate in struggle against a HIV they cannot, while in Russia will not appear a distinct state policy in this sphere. meanwhile concern a problem is shown only by the non-governmental organisations - has explained vitse - the chairman of Federation of independent trade unions Vyacheslav Goncharov. However and to such organisations to count on the help of business especially it is not necessary. very often business - community refuses to finance any, probably, important social projects because to it could not explain in detail how the allocated money will be spent, - mister Prokopov has explained. - It is impossible to come and ask simply: and give to us of money for AIDS. It is necessary to make at first detailed business - the plan of an expenditure of this money . As he said, till now it was made by any public organisation.