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To Michael Lapshin persistently suggest to leave

from a post of the leader of Country party of Russia
party life

Today expires the term which has been taken away by Ministry of Justice of Country party of Russia (APR) for delivery in the Central Electoral Commission of the report on an expenditure of financial assets during campaign at elections in the State Duma. However for this purpose APR should pay off at first with debts at a rate of 25,8 million roubles. And it hardly will occur until the internal contradictions connected with attempts to displace from the post of the founder and permanent leader APR of Michael Lapshin will be overcome.
participating in all four Duma campaigns, APR has successfully acted only on the first elections in December, 1993, having typed 7,99 % of voices. In 1995 landowners have received 3,78 % and to the Duma have not got, and in 1999 - m APR went on elections as a part of the block Fatherland - All Russia but could not generate the deputy group. In December of last year APR with result of 3,64 % again has not broken a five-percentage barrier.
the discontent with Michael Lapshin has arisen in party still in the middle of 90 - h years, after the first defeat on elections. Elections - 99 have actually split landowners into adherents of regional party of the power in the name of OVR on which mister Lapshin, and supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with which help the leader of Novosibirsk branch APR Nikolay Haritonov has created Agroindustrial deputy group in the State Duma has counted. In May, 2002 to antilapshinskoj campaigns Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev who has created was connected and has headed the Russian agrarian movement (IS glad), united agrobusiness and administrative elite of agricultural branch. By means of APR he hoped to create agrarian fraction in the fourth State Duma, but it and did not manage to persuade to retire Michael Lapshin who was the main barrier to such union.
In 2003 leader APR managed to find the sponsor in the name of agrobusinessman Alexey Chepy and to go on elections independently. But the next failure of party has incited against Michael Lapshin even its many supporters. And now on planned for April, 27th otchetno - elective congress to the leader all its basic opponents - supporters of vice-president APR of Alexey Chepy intend to show the abacus, heads is glad Alexey Gordeyev and deputy Haritonova who has typed on presidential elections of 13,7 % of voices.
however even if oppositionists joint efforts will eliminate mister Lapshin, it will be difficult to them to agree about the further interaction. On the one hand, the majority of party active workers - the people dependent on budgetary funds, allocated for agriculture support. Therefore it it is more favourable, that APR the candidate of the party of the power has headed. Not casually as the possible candidate on a post of leader APR except Alexey Chepy the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Plotnikov is considered: In the State Duma of last convocation it was Nikolay Haritonova`s assistant on Agroindustrial deputy group, and now enters into fraction an United Russia .
On the other hand, the rural electorate is traditionally oppositional and adheres to left views. Therefore, if APR will head the non-party communist Haritonov (such offer, according to the deputy, to it has already arrived), it can allow to get to it real chance to the State Duma in 2007. all understand that with Lapshin it is necessary to finish, - Nikolay Haritonov has declared. - But there was a crossing of interests: I am the person who can give party percent, but two opposition parties are not included into calculation of the Kremlin .
Nevertheless while Michael Lapshin`s opponents try to convince him what to give the power to it all the same it is necessary. On Sunday at the expanded session of the commission on preparation of additions and changes in program APR representatives of 35 regional branches have accepted the reference to the party leader with the offer voluntary to retire. Michael Lapshin has declared at Sunday session that do not intend to leave the post, even despite a critical financial position of party. According to financial authorised APR Valery Komarova, the party debt makes 25,8 million roubles, without its repayment APR cannot hand over the report in the Central Electoral Commission about an expenditure of means during parliamentary campaign. And if it is not made till April, 1st, the Ministry of Justice has the right to suspend at first party activity on half a year, and then and to address in court with the claim about its liquidation.
as the member of main board APR Andrey Holenko has declared yesterday, in reply to the offer to leave Michael Lapshin began to advance more actively on a post of the head of party of the first vice-president of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation Nikolay Maslov. With it mister Lapshin heading also Republic Altai, has worked well together in liquidation of consequences of strong earthquake on Altai in October of last year when mister Maslov supervised a recovery work in republic. According to mister Holenko, on Monday under the direction of leader APR in Moscow has passed session of the commission on congress preparation on which for the first time there was Nikolay Maslov.