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To Poles have found the prime minister in Bagdad

the report

Last night to Warsaw from Iraq Marek of Fiber has returned offered by the Polish president Alexander Kvasnevsky on a post of the prime minister of Poland. In Bagdad the professor of Fiber supervised economic policy of acting administration of Iraq. Today the candidate for premieres should present to a diet the variant of new structure of the Polish government.
Alexander Kvasnevsky`s decision became unexpectedness for many. It was originally supposed that the government post of the head will be offered either to the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vlodimezhu Tsimoshevichu, or Minister of Internal Affairs Juzefu Oleksy. But the president has made other choice. Representing the candidate on a post of the head of the Polish government, mister Kvasnevsky so has characterised the protege: It both is moderately apolitical, and is moderately politically engaged. Thus that it is the most high-class professional . Before the new appointment of Marek of Fiber within a year executed an international debt in Bagdad - supervised in acting administration questions of restoration of Iraq. Before, in 1997, it already was and. The island of the prime minister, and later, in Miller`s government Lesheka, held a post of the Minister of Finance twice, but it is more than on half a year in this armchair was not late. Marek the Squirrel is considered the supporter of reforms of Lesheka Baltserovicha who preaches the rigid monetary policy.
the nominee offered by Alexander Kvasnevsky in a diet was supported while only by two parties - correcting the Union of the left democrats and broken away from it Polish sotsial - democracy . Leaders of other parties have declared that will vote against. The Leader of the party the Civil platform (one of the most numerous in a diet) Donald Tusk has declared that The statement of the presented nominee is a continuation of a political agony of ruling coalition and sense in it is not present any . Has supported it and the leader of the Peasants party Janush Voitsekhovsky: We do not want to lose the electorate rest, we will not vote therefore for Mareka to Fiber . And a number of patriotically adjusted independent deputies have accused the candidate of absence of patriotism: answering in acting administration of Iraq for country restoration, the Polish professor of economy, say, did not lobby interests of the Polish firms.
Eks - the prime minister of Poland Ezhi Buzek has regarded a course of the president as ruling coalition attempt not to admit preschedule parliamentary elections . Meanwhile the increasing number of parliamentary parties is declined to necessity of their carrying out. So chances of the statement of Mareka of the Squirrel of a post of the prime minister, according to local analysts, are insignificant.