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The mayor of the Stone - on - Ob have selected and have sentenced

intrigues of local value

Today in a city the Stone - on - Ob of Altay territory the elite on March, 14th the mayor Feodor Najden will enter a post. Already after elections, on March, 19th, the Kamensk city court recognised as its guilty of plunder of another`s property and has sentenced to three years conditionally. The mister Is found named this business the order from a former city administration also has declared intention to appeal against sentence.
the general director of Open Society Maslosyrzavod It is found Feodor Najden has won elections of the mayor 45 - a thousand Stone - on - Ob, having received 66,9 % of voices. Tamara Berdnikov who has typed 23,3 % of voices was its main competitor the director of the Kamensk meat-packing plant. The former mayor Valery Gorozhankin one week prior to elections without assigning any reasons has removed the nominee. As has informed a source in regional administration, this decision, most likely, was accepted from - for the compromising evidence which has been ostensibly collected by opposition and is shown the mayor.
after removal c elections of the former mayor the administration has urged voters to support the director of a meat-packing plant. To agitate against the mister It is found there came also the governor of edge Alexander Surikov. At a meeting with voters he has declared that people try to get into the power with the criminal past and the present . It was a question about raised in the relation of the candidate It is found criminal case under article Swindle . According to Irina Mezhovoj`s state accuser, in September, 2001 the businessman Is found has concluded with the company Tajjandau the contract on delivery of 20 tons of meat. Its partners have transferred into account rbl. Feodor Najdena`s firm of 1 million, but production and have not received. As money also has not been returned, partners of the mister Is found has addressed in law enforcement bodies. In the end of November of last year business has arrived on court consideration.
Feodor Najden considers this business fabricated by its political opponents. I combated four years this power! - the former leader of opposition has declared to mayor Gorozhankinu. So, in April of last year in the Stone - on - Ob has passed voting by a response of mister Gorozhankina from a post of the deputy of the Altay regional council. The opposition has accused him that it conducted enrolment of citizens simultaneously both as the deputy, and as the mayor. Following the results of a referendum for a response of deputy Gorozhankina there was no hardly more than hundred voices.
on March, 19th again selected mayor of the Stone - on - Ob in tozhestvennoj to conditions has received the certificate of the mayor, and after two hours session of Kamensk city court has taken place. Charge has demanded to sentence the mister Is found by three years of imprisonment, but the court was limited to three years conditionally. The mayor has promised at once to challenge this decision.